10 Curly Ponytail Styles For Short Natural Hair

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As an admittedly lazy natural, ponytails and puffs are one of my favorite everyday styles. Whether I’m trying to rectify a failed hairstyle or I’m putting off detangling for another day, a puff is guaranteed to be cute, quick, and easy. There’s nothing better than a fluffy, voluminous, curly or coily ponytail. And because it’s an “everyday” style, it’s easy to fall into the habit of consistently styling it the same way. One of the advantages to a ponytail is that while it is simple and easy to wear, it is simultaneously a versatile and flexible style. It can be as wild or tame as you want it. A little creativity goes a long way, and the possibilities are endless!

Interested in spicing up your ponytail? Here are 10 different style ideas to try.

1. Ponytail with Middle Twist

The ponytail or puff with the middle twist is a simple and cute hairstyle that has been trending lately. It’s easy, but different enough to be a noticeable switch from the usual ponytail. Twists can also be interchanged with braids, I often do twists because it’s easier to do on my hair when it hasn’t been fully detangled.

2. Ponytail with Middle Twist and Bead Accessories

Adding beads, cuffs, and other accessories is another easy and cute way to switch things up. I didn’t want to go overboard, so I added two gold cuffs to the middle twist to add a little extra flare; but don’t hesitate to go all out with accessories if you want to experiment!

3. Ponytail with Double Twists

Yes, more twists! Twists and braids are a great way to change up a ponytail, and there are countless ways to add them into a hairstyle. I added cuffs in this style, as well.

4. Crown Twist Ponytail

This style is one that I have done since I first went natural. Like the middle twist, it just adds a bit of extra flavor and always looks good.

5. Double Crown Twist Ponytail

Just like one crown twist, but double the fun. This style is just simply one twisted crown behind the other. My hair is pretty frizzy in the photograph and was getting dry from manipulation, but there are two there.

6. Flat-Twist Ponytail

This flat-twist style is perfect for naturals who want to style a flat twist-out quickly. You can simply leave the front flat twists in and pull the back into a ponytail.

7. Flat-Twist Low Ponytail

The same goes for the low ponytail. You can even do a lower side ponytail and add hair or accessories.

8. Ponytail with Bantu Knots

The bantu-knot crown ponytail is a crowd favorite that is fun and easy. I only did three, but you can do more small bantu knots, or only two!

9. Double Ponytails with Twists

Although you can’t see the twists, I have four flat twists and two ponytails. I love the double ponytails because they’re nostalgic for me and are fun but still cute for adults!

10. Gold String Ponytail

The gold string trend is something that has really caught on with naturals and/or people who wear braids. It’s makes the perfect accessory when it’s woven into braids/twists or wrapped around a ponytail.

Note: I didn’t have any hair extensions available to me at the time, but don’t underestimate the versatility of a good ponytail extension!

What are you favorite ways to style a ponytail? Let us know in the comments. Ponytails stressing out your hair? Check out how to refresh your hair afterwards.

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