10 Dangerous Beauty Inventions From The Past

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From the 1920s through the 1950s, the beauty industry was just starting to take off with many sensational innovations invented. Quite a lot of them looked more like torture devices and were truly harmful to their consumers’ health. We’ve put together a list of super scary and weird beauty inventions that we’ve fortunately left in the past.
The Beauty Micrometer fixed tons of metal screws and strips onto a woman’s head and could require up to 325 adjustments. Obviously, it wasn’t always a comfortable procedure since the makeup artist could accidently press the model’s head with these strips too tightly.
After a six-hour session with the Hair Waver, you can imagine that a lot of women ended up with extremely damaged hair and sometimes even scalp burns.
Not that long ago, freckles were considered flaws, and women with freckled faces were desperate to get rid of them, desperate enough to use the extreme Freckle Remover.
Everybody believed that after using the “glamour bonnet”, a woman would look fresher and her skin firmer and more youthful. But one dangerous side effect of using this gadget was similar to the feeling you’d get if you were to fly really high in a plane or climb a tall mountain: some women would faint or feel nauseous.
Many girls who wanted quick and long-lasting results with the Warming Mask would set it to maximum heat. As you can imagine, this was extremely harmful to their skin and overall well-being.
The inventor of the Dimple Machine promised that after wearing it for several days, women could achieve very natural-looking dimples. However, it didn’t work out the way it should have.

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Hangover Heaven 2:20
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Toxic Creams 6:26
The Scalp Massager 7:14

-With the help of the beauty micrometer, makeup artists would know which features should be enhanced and which should be reduced with the help of makeup.
-To make straight hair curly, the hairdresser would first apply a strong chemical solution to the hair and then wind it up in extremely hot rollers that hung from a chandelier-looking apparatus.
-The original purpose of Hangover Heaven was to freshen up a model’s face during fashion shows while not ruining her makeup. But a bit later, people started using the mask as a way to refresh their faces after parties, hence the name.
-To remove freckles, the makeup artist would apply a special chemical solution to a woman’s face along with a gadget that would close her eyes, nostrils, and mouth in order to prevent chemical burn.
-The Glamour Bonnet contained lowered atmospheric pressure that was supposed to help with blood circulation.
-The strange-looking Warming Mask was made to stimulate blood circulation by heat, making a woman’s face look smoother and healthier. Setting it to maximum heat was extremely harmful to their skin and overall well-being.
-The Dimple Machine was basically just a spring with two knobs that would press into a woman’s cheeks in just the right places.
-The ads promised that the Nose Corrector could change your nose simply by pressing on it. More specifically, if a woman had a bigger or crooked nose, this contraption would make it appear thinner and straight.
-The inventors promised that creams containing radium would rejuvenate the face and that the radium would clean it “in a magical way”.
-The huge contraption with four vibrating disks was designed to soothe the scalp. It was actually made to stimulate blood circulation, making hair grow faster and, supposedly, preventing hair loss.

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