10 Fat-Burning Drinks to Lose Belly Fat Fast

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Do you want to get your dream body as soon as possible? Today Bright Side has put together a list of the very best homemade drinks recipes that will help you get healthier and slimmer and make you full of energy. We’ve got the ten best drink recipes that you can adapt to your taste: add less sugar, use healthier ingredients, or use water instead of soda. Just a glass of these drinks will help you reduce body fat!

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Cucumber drink 0:28
Lime and cucumber drink 0:54
Pear and sage drink 1:25
Grapefruit and cinnamon drink 1:55
Energy lemon drink 2:27
Spicy Indian drink 2:53
Apple cider 3:25
Vegetable drink 3:54
Pineapple drink 4:46
Strawberry and fresh herbs drink 5:25

– #1. All you need is a cucumber, a bunch of parsley or cilantro, a lemon, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice, and a half glass of water. Simply juice the ingredients, and the drink is ready.
– #2. You’ll need 1 lime, 2 cucumbers, a big orange, honey, mint, and 4 cups of sparkling water. Puree one cucumber in a blender and slice the other one into circles. Squeeze the juice out of the orange and lime.
– #3. You’ll need a lime, a pear, 1 fresh sage leaves, a cup of pear juice, a cup of sparkling water, and ice. First, slice the lime, cut the pear into cubes and place them in a pitcher. Add the sage mashed with a fork. Then, add the crushed ice, pear juice, and sparkling water and mix your drink.
– #4. First, combine some sugar, 1 glass of water and 2 cinnamon sticks in a pan and make a syrup. Simmer it for 5 to 10 minutes until the sugar melts. Let it cool down. Mix 2 cups of grapefruit juice, syrup and 2 cups of sparkling water in a pitcher.
– #5. All you need are 5 lemons, 4 cups of sparkling water, mint, and ice. Squeeze the juice out of four lemons, and slice the last lemon into circles. Combine the juice and sparkling water in a jar.
– #6. First, squeeze the juice from 4 limes. Combine some sugar and 1/2 glass of water in a pan and simmer it until the sugar melts. Then, grate the ginger and add it to the syrup. When it begins to boil, turn off the stove and cool the syrup. Add the lime juice, 4 cups of sparkling water, and ice.
– #7. For this fat-burn drink, take 4 cups of apple juice, ½ glass of lemon juice, mint, 1 lemon, and ice. Slice the lemon into circles, ad then combine the apple and lemon juices in a pitcher. Add the lemon slices, mint and ice. Serve the drink with slices of apple.
– #8. Slice the bell pepper and 2 cucumbers and sprinkle them with sugar an hour before cooking. Slice the last cucumber and one lemon. Zest the lime and squeeze the juice, and then juice two lemons. Put the mint (or estragon) in a pitcher. Add the lime zest and slices of lemon, cucumbers and bell pepper while they are still moist. Pour in the lime and lemon juices and the sparkling water.
– #9. Bring the water to the boil in a pan. Then, zest the lemon and squeeze the juice. Add some sugar to the water and simmer it until it melts completely. Then add the lemon zest and take the pan off the heat. Pour the syrup into a pitcher through a sieve. Add the lemon and pineapple juices.
– #10. Juice the lime and lemon in a jar and drop in the peels. Cut the strawberries into halves. Add the strawberries and herbs. Pour in hot water and let the fruit and herbs rest for some time to give them flavor and aroma.

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