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How to get a flat stomach? We all want to have it, but do you know that abdominal fat is the most difficult to deal with? You work out, you try to adopt healthy diet habits, but you don’t see visible results in the mirror. Stubborn belly fat is still there, and it seems that it doesn’t plan to go anywhere. If this sounds familiar to you, we at Bright Side want you to know more about the foods that stand in the way of the perfect belly you’ve always wanted.

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Chewing gum – 0:38
High-sodium foods 1:10
Fast food 1:41
Alcohol 2:06
Soft drinks 2:31
Mayonnaise 3:02
French fries 3:21
Ice cream 3:51
Foods that cause bloating 4:14
“Sugar-free” products 4:40

– When you chew gum, your brain and stomach receive signals that prepare them for an incoming meal. Plus, gum triggers the overproduction of stomach acid, and, as a result, you feel hungry.
– High-sodium foods are really harmful to your health, and they also retain fluids that prevent you from losing belly fat. Adopt a low-sodium diet, and your body will thank you for this.
– It’s no secret that fast food contains too many calories that may bring various health problems from heart diseases to cancer.
– Some alcoholic drinks are rich in calories, but calories are not the main factor here. Alcohol consumption increases your appetite and confuses the part of your brain that is responsible for the feeling of fullness.
– Cola, soda, tonic… We hear this all the time, but it’s still so hard to give up this habit. These drinks contain carbonation, which draws gas into your stomach and intestines.
– If you’re a fan of mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based salads, then you should know that this dressing contains at least 80% fat.
– As much as you love this food, you should give it up as soon as possible! Fried potatoes, just like any other fried foods, work like a sponge that absorbs saturated fats.
– Foods rich in sugar inevitably turn into abdominal fat, that is the most harmful fat in your body.
– Foods that contain sugar substitutes such as polyalcohols, for example, are only effective for people with diabetes. These sugar-free products can still harm your body and make your stomach bigger.

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