10-Minute Workout That Burns Body Fat Like Crazy

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Do you already have the body of your dreams or are you still on the way to it? Do you feel it’s high time for you to start exercising? We at Bright Side want to encourage you to begin working on your dream body today. So shall we start?
Let’s try these 15 simple exercises. Don’t stop watching while performing the exercises; we’ll count. And there is a little bonus waiting for you at the end of the video!

Side lateral raise 0:35
Dumbbell bicep curl 1:53
Alternating arms 2:54
Dumbbell press and dumbbell fly 3:58
Dumbbell bent-over row 5:05
Lunge dumbbell row 6:13
Dumbbell swing on the floor 7:15
Crunches 8:10
Leg raises 9:12
3/4 sit-ups 10:05
Air bike 11:04
Jump lunge 12:07
Bent-over side leg swings 12:54
Squat and reverse side lunges 13:45
Kneel to stand 14:33

As you advance, you can include more complicated techniques and heavier weights in your workout programs. These exercises are great for your hamstrings, quads (the muscle which unbends the knee joint), and glutes. Plus, they train your whole body, so do include them in your daily workout.
As soon as your body is used to the optimal amount of exercises for different groups of muscles you can switch to the whole body workout programs.
Keep up your hard work! Be proud of every new achievement, and stay positive and motivated!

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