10 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

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How to know if your relationship is toxic? Society has taught us to depend emotionally on our partner, but, in fact, a stable relationship is about giving space and respecting each other. You must understand that jealousy is not a sign of love. Well, love is blind, and we often ignore the signs that our relationship is becoming harmful. If you identify with all of the following warning signs, it’s time to rethink your relationship and, probably, start another one.

Your partner doesn’t let you hang out with your friends 0:38
Your partner controls your wallet 1:12
Your partner goes through your phone 1:40
Your partner tells you how to dress 2:09
Your partner gets angry when you don’t answer the phone straight away 2:37
Your partner is jealous of your best friend 3:03
You’re afraid to say what’s on your mind 3:26
Your partner insults you 3:50
Your friends have tried to warn you 4:15
Your partner doesn’t care about your plans or hobbies at all 4:38

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– Spending a lot of time together is like an addiction, and it’s common in the beginning. We should try not to stifle the relationship from the start. Otherwise, it will turn into a martyrdom.
– Of course, it’s normal for a couple to share expenses and goods. A solution is to combine some of your income in a single pot, but you also need your own share.
– We all know that going through each other’s phones and e-mails is not a good idea. It’s not proof of love at all: it’s an invasion of privacy and a sign of an unhealthy relationship.
– Your partner doesn’t like the way you dress? It’s not up to them to decide. To have stability in a relationship, you must start by loving and respecting yourself.
– If you tremble with fear every time you see a missed call from your partner, something is going wrong.
– If your partner doesn’t trust you, your relationship will never be stable. Trust is the strongest pillar in any relationship.
– Don’t be afraid to say what you think, and have respect for their differing point of view. In the end, having different opinions brings richness and diversity to the relationship.
– Set rules for yourself, like never to insult your partner. If they insult you, do not fall for that game.
– It’s often difficult to look at a situation objectively, but our family or friends may have a better view from a different angle.
– This is one of the most obvious signs: if you partner doesn’t pay attention to things you love, it means he or she doesn’t pay enough attention to you.

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