10 Things That Can Be More Useful If Used Differently

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Most people look at common household items and think nothing of it. But truly creative thinkers can repurpose ordinary objects for more effective uses. We’re surrounded by things we can utilize in many more ways than we’re used to.

Bright Side found some very unexpected uses for everyday things — just look how they simplify life!

For example, how do you usually use Vicks VapoRub? 8:08
This is a common remedy used for treating colds and muscle pains. However, due to its antibacterial and pain-killing properties, it can be used for tons of other problems.
You can put a small amount of the ointment on a cotton ball and place it in your ear to soothe the pain of an earache. Just don’t push it in as deep as you can!
And remember, the VapoRub only helps for pain, so if you have an infection, you’ll still need the proper medication to treat it.

How to reuse a plastic cup 0:26
Ketchup 1:04
Legos 2:24
Binder clips 3:04
A rake 4:01
Olive oil benefits 4:43
A wooden clothespin 5:52
A muffin pan 6:38
Spaghetti 7:20
Vicks VapoRub 8:08

– This party staple can actually be used as a measuring cup. Those lines aren’t just there for decoration but to designate different amounts of liquids.
– Use ketchup as a hair mask, just like Sienna Miller did! Depending on the length of your hair, you’ll need to decide how much you need. Just make sure it’s enough to saturate all your hair from root to tip. Then wrap your hair up in some Saran wrap and wait for 30 minutes. Use this mask every day until your hair gets back to its normal tone.
– A bookshelf, lamp, jewelry, even a prosthetic limb for your pet turtle, the list just keeps going! If you can imagine it, Legos can build it!
– Every home and office has a tangled mess of cords. Just attach some binder clips to your desk, table, or TV stand and voila! No more mess!
– Grill hotdogs for everybody all at once with the help of a rake. Just be sure to scrub it squeaky-clean and disinfect it thoroughly!
– Do you use facial oils in your skincare routine? If so, it’s not all that surprising, we’re all familiar with the cosmetic benefits of different oils.
– A simple clothespin can help keep your fingers safe while hammering in a nail. Just pinch the nail with the clothespin and hold the other side of it with your fingers.
– Next time you have a barbeque, use a muffin pan for sauces and condiments. Plus, you’ll have fewer dishes to wash afterwards!
– If you don’t have long matches but need to light a candle in a glass holder, don’t risk burning your hands or the sides of the glass. Just light a stick of spaghetti and use it instead of a match.

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