10 Things That Secretly Ruin Your Health

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Scientists have proved that 73% of women’s back problems come from the clothes and accessories they wear. You will throw half of your wardrobe away after watching this video as many clothing items are not as harmless as they seem! We got ten pieces of clothing that can have a negative effect on your health.

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Tight pants 0:35
High heels 1:05
Thongs 1:42
Heavy earrings and necklaces 2:09
Ties 2:39
Poorly fitted bras 3:06
Flip-flops 3:34
Shapewear 3:59
Extra-large handbags 4:25
Pencil skirts 4:50

– Due to the effect of compression, these popular “skinny jeans” are a real threat to your health. They can cause many problems such as poor blood circulation, dilated veins, and slow digestion.
– In the latest study, researchers at Auburn University concluded that women have four times more foot problems than men do. Joint pain, calluses, ankle sprains, osteoarthritis, and nerve damage, just to name a few.
– If you often wear thongs, you should know that this piece of underwear can lead to serious intimate health problems such as hemorrhoids, vaginal infections, irritation, and skin chafing.
– According to recent studies, 20% of all ear piercings develop a bacterial infection. Plus, if a procedure was carried out incorrectly, it can lead to the spread of infection in the future and put your life at risk.
– Women are not the only ones who suffer from their clothes. According to a Cornell University study, 67% of men buy shirts that are smaller than their necks. As a result, small shirts and tight tie knots reduce blood circulation, increase intraocular pressure, cause headaches, limit neck movement, and increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders.
– The wrong bra size or poorly fitted bras can cause numerous problems such as back, shoulder, and spinal pain. Every time you buy a bra, try it on before leaving the store.
– Despite being an essential accessory for the beach, flip-flops are not as safe as you think. They put your feet at risk: this type of footwear can cause scrapes on your feet that can be easily infected.
– All women want to look slim and fit, especially on a date. However, a tight girdle isn’t the best option. It can cause shortness of breath, muscle pain, and poor blood circulation.
– Like any other woman, you most likely fill your handbag with everything you could need, right? However, carrying too much weight on one shoulder can cause muscle pain and damage your joints.
– Pencil skirts, or pipe skirts, bring your legs too close to each other, so there’s always a possibility of losing your balance and falling! They limit all your movements, from walking to getting into the car, but the worst thing is that such skirts can cause muscle strains and knee malformations.

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