13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

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For many women, looking their best at all times is absolutely essential. They have strived for beauty since ancient times. It’s for that reason that many of them long to find something fast, simple, and very effective when it comes to their beauty treatment.

Did you know, for example, that the idea it was to use sugar for epilation is thousands of years old? Ladies loved it for its long-lasting effect. Sugaring is the gentlest and safest way of removing hair. So today, we’re discussing several secrets that have proved their usefulness over the ages!

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Olive oil 0:15
Baths 0:36
Aromatherapy massage 0:56
Textured fabric 1:15
Sugaring 1:30
Rosehip and cream balm 1:50
Honey masks 2:06
Henna and basma 2:26
Egg masks 2:41
Cabbage leaves 2:59
Sour cream 3:11
Lemon juice 3:24
Clay 3:38

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– In ancient times, ladies used olive oil as a cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing agent for their skin. Olive oil is also called the elixir of youth and longevity.
– Ancient Roman women spent many hours in their baths, enjoying small talk and changing hot and cool water. Priests in ancient Egypt used to take a bath at least four times a day!
– Aromatherapy massage eliminates fatigue and muscle spasms and reduces muscle pain. It also helps get rid of stress, activate blood circulation, and burn fat faster.
– When there’s no scrub at hand, a cloth can deal with the removal of dead skin cells. An ordinary hard wool can also renew the skin, and it costs much cheaper than cosmetic scrubs.
– Rosehip cream makes your skin soft and smooth. It also helps rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.
– Honey also has many qualities for beauty that have been known for millennia. Some people claim that honey masks are superior to professional cosmetics.
– Women have long used henna and basma in various proportions to make their hair strong, healthy, and get the desired color.
– There are many recipes, but the essence is the same: egg masks make hair strong and shiny. The egg yolk contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, and iron.
– The pain- and inflammation-relieving properties of cabbage leaves make them soothing for mothers when applied directly to the breasts.
– This trick was, perhaps, discovered by accident when someone washed out a dish of sour cream and found that their hands became soft and tender the next day.
– If henna and basma make hair red or dark, then lemon juice lightens it up. When blonde is trending, this recipe always comes first.
– Clay is indispensable to any woman. Try it out to get radiant skin, strong hair, and get rid of cellulite.

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