16 Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget

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The total cost of a wedding can be become pretty terrifying! After all, it is a large sum to spend. Not to worry, the Modern Wedding team are here to help. We have all the tips and tricks you need to know so that you can trim your wedding budget down and still have the celebration of your dreams.

Wedding Budget

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Draw The Line

Your wedding is a very special occasion, and it is so easy to get swept up in the excitement and end up with an invitation list that is far longer than expected. As tough as it may be, this is the time to be strict with yourself. Do you really need to invite your 3rd cousin who you’ve met once? Or your friends new boyfriend? If you are unsure about who you can cut from the guest list, we have the guide to help you out.

Wedding Budget

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Become A DIY Queen

It’s amazing how much money you can save when you get crafty and channel your inner DIY queen. From decorations to wedding invitations, there are many different things you can create yourself. Better yet, invite your girlfriends over for a wine and cheese night and get them to help out too!

Wedding Budget

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Phone A Friend

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to help out with the wedding planning and prep. You would be surprised how many of your loved ones want to help make sure you have the perfect wedding day. Having them help out can really help bring costs down.

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Monday To Friday

Many venues have special deals that are available for weekday weddings. This is a great way to save money, and you will find that your guests will be more than happy to accommodate this with plenty of warning. This is one way to save some serious moolah! Friday and Sunday will also be a cheaper alternative to Saturday.

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Location Location

When picking the perfect location for your wedding, try and keep both the ceremony and reception in the same place. This will save some serious time, and time is money! This is not only from the point of view of the cost of the venue, but also transportation and having to decorate two completely seperate areas.

Wedding Budget

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Early Morning Market

Wedding flowers can take up a huge part of your wedding budget. Rather than have a florist create all of your bouquets and arrangements, try a bit of DIY. Head to the flower markets and collect your favourite florals. This way, you will save money and get to bring some creativity to the day.

Wedding Budget

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Ask Away

From asking about special deals to freebies, it’s always a good idea to ask! After all, those assisting with your wedding want to make sure you have a magical day, and will often be more than happy to do little things to help you out. This applies to vendors and suppliers.

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You Are E-Vited

While receiving a wedding invitation is the mail is lovely, it is not a cheap exercise. To help with costs, you can head to the good old internet and send email invites instead. If you are still wanting to send out official invitations, then you can just use email for save the dates.

Wedding Budget

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Keep It Small

Once you include your sister, future sister in law, your cousins and your best friends, your bridal party can become scarily big! Keep it small and simple with one or two bridesmaids to cut down on costs. There are plenty of other roles that your loved ones can play, such as reading a poem at the ceremony, or giving a speech at the reception.

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Getting On A Big Jet Plane

We’ve all seen those gorgeous wedding movies where the couple head to the airport from their wedding and jet off to relax on a tropical beach. Having a getaway straight after your wedding sounds super lovely, but financially it isn’t always the best option. Book your honeymoon at a time where flights and accommodation may be cheaper, and when you have had a chance to save up some money again.

Wedding Budget

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Buy When You Can

Your wedding may not be for six months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy things now. Of course items like food and flowers can’t fall under this rule, but things like alcohol and decor can. Take advantage of deals when you see them and be on the hunt for the best bargains.

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Saying Yes To The Dress

Naturally you want to be wearing the dress of your dreams on the big day, but sometimes that comes with a big price tag. Don’t be afraid to do your research and find out more about sales that are available for bridal gowns. You can also ask the boutiques you visit about discounts, buying a sample gown, or any other available options. There is never any harm in asking and you’ll find that often there are ways to save money.

Wedding Budget

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Ask For Money

When it comes to your bridal shower or engagement party, ask guests to contribute to your wedding instead of bringing gifts. Whether you leave an area to donate the money or send online banking details, this will give your loved ones a chance to contribute to your wedding and will take some of the stress away from you.

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Buffet Over Dinner

Believe it or not, a sit down dinner can really up the price of a wedding. This also leaves very little wiggle room as caters often have set packages and prices. Having grazing platters, buffets or food bars will give you cheaper options and still let you pick from a range of foods.

Wedding Budget

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Break Tradition

The more popular choices for weddings tend to be more expensive as they are higher in demand. Don’t be afraid to break tradition and opt for ideas that are a little bit more unique. Not only will this bring a gloriously fun aspect to your wedding, but it will help you save money as well.

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Something Borrowed

We love the idea of ‘something borrowed’! Friends and family will be touched if you want to borrow something of theirs for your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to ask or accept a few offers for this. It’s better to love those items a few times then let them go to waste.

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Now that you’ve trimmed the budget,  you can plan the big day! See more of our planning tips here

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