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Every girl knows that taking care of yourself and looking like a million dollars requires time and effort. We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier. We’ve put together a few clever beauty tricks: some of them are really weird (especially that one with a bobby pin!), but they help to save a lot of time and money.

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An alternative to eyebrow gel 0:25
Whitening your nails 0:45
The use before date 1:04
Emergency for a broken nail 1:22
Eye drops for dry mascara 1:41
Cleaning hair straighteners and curlers 1:57
A matte finish for your lips 2:16
The perfect manicure 2:32
Protecting cosmetics while traveling 2:47
Washing your brushes quickly 3:01
A trick for dried-out eyeliner 3:26
Baby oil for shaving 3:39
A soak for your feet 3:53
To get rid of hair static 4:11
To get plump lips 4:25
To remove whiteheads quickly 4:46
A great hack for traveling 5:03

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– Instead of using gel for your eyebrows, try to apply some hairspray. Spray some onto a special eyebrow comb, or use an old mascara brush. Smooth out your eyebrows right after using the spray.
– Most of the time companies use a special symbol to indicate how long you can use a beauty product after it’s been opened. To remember when exactly, write the date on the bottle immediately after opening it for the first time.
– To bring dry mascara back to life, use eye drops or contact lens fluid. Add several drops to the mascara tube, close it, and shake it for a minute. Now it should be as good as new!
– To clean your hair straighteners or hair curlers, mix some baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, and wipe it along the surface using a soft tissue. Then wipe one more time with a completely dry tissue.
– Before applying your nail polish, apply some lip balm or Vaseline to the skin around your nails. This will prevent any polish from staining your skin — it can be removed easily with a brush or Q-tip.
– If your eyeliner pen has dried out, just remove the brush head and turn it around. You can use the other end, and it will feel as good as new.
– Have you ever tried using baby oil instead of foam for shaving? This simple trick can help you avoid skin irritation, and it also moisturizes your skin better than any creams.
– All you need is a bobby pin. To remove whiteheads, place the head of a pimple in the center of the looped end, then push down gently until the pimple pops. Do not forget to put antiseptic on it!
– Use a bulldog clip to put over your razor while traveling so that you don’t cut yourself when digging through your bag. Just keep in mind you’re not allowed to take a razor in your carry-on luggage on a plane.

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