4 Postpartum Surprises You Must Prepare For

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It’s meant to be the most joyous time of your life and there’s no doubt that most women would agree with this assessment.


At the same time, there can be a few surprises that enter the fray after giving birth. This isn’t necessarily with your little one; all of the baby books and resources you have read up until now will have covered this.

Instead, it is with your body. In a bid to warn you somewhat, today’s article will take a look at some of these surprises that are most likely to impact you.

You will notice a difference with your hair

As you will soon find out, most of the changes that you experience are cosmetic and some of you may end up turning to a plastic surgeon Dallas has to accelerate the “recovery” process after reading today’s guide!

For now, let’s start with the hair. This is something that tends to develop during pregnancy; we don’t quite lose as much as we used to. Unfortunately, this is a short-term benefit.

During the postpartum phase, this starts to fall out again as usual. It’s not going to be falling in huge strands, but be prepared for it to be a bit thinner than what you have been used to for the last nine months.

Bleeding takes a while to cease

Some women are luckier than others when it comes to blood loss during pregnancy, but regardless of which camp you fall into you will probably have to brace yourself for some more bleeding for a little longer. How long? Well the experts believe that it can take as long as eight weeks for your postnatal bleeding to completely stop, which is obviously a considerable amount of time.

Your breasts don’t always operate as planned


Granted, the female breasts are a superb invention. The way in which they are regulated to distribute and eventually cease the production of milk is hugely impressive.

However, they don’t always work as planned. Sometimes, leaks can happen, and they can happen in awkward places. This is worth remembering if you are out and about!

Your hormones remain all over the place

Let’s conclude today’s article with one of the most striking issues that you will experience. As we all know, hormonal issues are common during pregnancy. What some of you might not understand is that these can continue right the way through to the postpartum stage.

Well, let’s correct the above. They aren’t necessarily going to be “all over the place now”, but they are going to drop considerably. You will have been used to immense highs and lows over the past months, only for everything to drop down.

This is because the placenta has been expelled from your body. The upshot of this is that the “factory” (as some sources like to describe it as!) where hormone production takes place has now closed. Ultimately, your mood will be all over the place for a short while, but things should eventually start to even out to what they were a year or so ago.

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