5 Best Places for Arranging Your Wedding Celebrations in 2019

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5 Best Places for Arranging Your Wedding Celebrations in 2019

5 Best Places for Arranging Your Wedding Celebrations in 2019

Is it your wedding date coming up soon?

A meaningful place which can predate the actual meaning of engagement would be the perfect spot to plan this biggest event of your life to be held at. Interestingly, there are myriads of such places in the world which can prove to be the best destinations for any kind of wedding ceremony.

Whether you are interested in the traditional type or you want a contemporary touch, these places are just awesome!

Following are some of such awestruck wedding destinations which can let your heart skip a beat. Matching with the current trends, these can be considered as the best wedding destinations of 2019. 

1. Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

This place is one of the well-known destinations to arrange your wedding party. According to Juliana Cordones of Eden Roc at Cap Cana, this eastern side of the Dominican Republic is one of the prime destinations to take the vow of love and companionship.  

Moreover, Carmen Rosa Aquino, the hospitality sales director for Punta Cana Resort & Club, agrees with the fact that it’s an ideal option for arranging a fairytale Caribbean wedding. With a vast 26-square-mile of the area  having various indoor and outdoor venues, farm-to-table cuisine from its organic farm, and multiple rejuvenating spas, this place stands as one of the awesome wedding destinations this year.

Moreover, the grand Tortuga Bay resort which is being designed by Oscar de la Renta is also located at Punta Cana. It is one of the yet another potential reasons why this place can be considered as a perfect destination for any wedding party.

You can easily arrange a small wedding party at that resort while making use of the 13 elegant villas which are standing tall over there.  

At Punta Cana, you can even opt for a number of five-star amenities, sophisticated suites, idyllic beaches and so on.  

2. Puglia in Italy

It’s been already a long time now that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot in this quaint Italian destination. This is still considered as one of the stupendous wedding destinations out there. The wedding planner Kylie Carlson says Puglia has started gaining a huge attraction now.

She further predicts that in 2019, this hidden gem in the lap of Italy is attracting more couples. All thanks go to the beauty of the place and lack of crowds, it has become a well-known wedding destination now.

This place is having the same splendid beauty like Tuscany but without a mass of tourists gathering here and there.

Kylie Carlson states that what with miles of coastline against the Adriatic Sea and some of the most luxurious and well-maintained Apulian architecture in Italy, nothing can possibly go wrong. The renowned Borgo Egnazia features a private beach which is the perfect place to organize an intimate ceremony, at the same time, offering easy access to nearby attractions to enjoy post-wedding. 

3. Dubrovnik in Croatia

Mostly, couples share a lot of rituals together starting from music and entertainment to equally-worn-out passports.

If you and your life partner plan to enjoy all these activities up to the fullest, Croatia is the best place for you. With idyllic and crystal blue waters along with colourful architecture and fresh seafood, Dubrovnik is the best place to plan your wedding.

This place can be reached in just a simple ferry ride from the island Mecca of Split. At Dubrovnik, the nuptials can experience a gorgeous backdrop while enjoying their wedding.

Here, you can enjoy a perfect amalgamation of a classy European feel and relaxing tone of a beach wedding. 

4. Reykjavik in Iceland

Reykjavik in Iceland

The striking Northern light of Reykjavik is becoming popular now when compared to the other typical wedding beaches. Plus, the location is attracting more couples because of its extremely photogenic look.

The wedding photographer Leujay Cruz says that not only the scenery but also Iceland’s marriage license is recognized by many countries thereby negating any requirement for a civil ceremony later on.

You will also get to enjoy plenty of cold-weather activities and the winter-like backdrop will be a breath of fresh air from the normal sun-drenched beach settings usually seen in most wedding photos. 

5. Marrakech in Morocco

If you want to opt for a truly memorable wedding destination, Marrakech is the best place to be.

The famous wedding expert Meghan Ely states that everything about the city is an experience by itself right from shopping in the street markets filled with snake charmers and artisans to dining out at some of the best restaurants the world has to offer. Getting married in Marrakech is something the couples will take with them the rest of their lives.

In that city, you can escape the crowd and plan a serene wedding ceremony

Aren’t these wedding destinations seem to be absolutely extraordinary?

Don’t wait anymore! Just plan your wedding in any one of these aforementioned exotic and quintessential destinations.

Unquestionably, you will have the sweetest and most beautiful memories of your D-day for the rest of your life.

Anaya, a fashionista by heart and a fashion blogger by profession, has a keen interest in what’s happening in the fashion world from time to time. She is there as an integral part of MichaelCostelloCouture.com since its inception. she loves to travel and tries to stick to contemporary fashion trends always

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