5 Types of Belly That Aren’t Caused by Excess Weight

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How to lose belly fat? A big belly isn’t always caused by excess weight. Lots of reason cause this problem, and there are lots of solutions that can solve this. In summer, all of us want to look perfect. However, sometimes, our bellies don’t seem to reduce in size despite our best efforts. We sought the advice of James Duigan, a star coach who trained Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and learned the most common causes of growth around the waist.

“Love handles” 0:31
How to get rid of “love handles” belly 0:51
Stress belly 1:49
Effective ways to get rid of stress belly 2:16
Low belly 3:32
Brilliant ways to get rid of low belly 3:50
Mommy’s belly 4:44
How to get rid of mommy’s belly 5:34
Inflated belly 6:42
Easy ways to get rid of inflated belly 6:58

– “Love handles”. You have folds on your sides. And it’s usually caused by sedentary lifestyle, sweet tooth, excess alcohol consumption, lots of sugar and refined carbs or starchy carbs.
– Stress belly. The fat is concentrated around the belly button, and the belly is thick, not loose. Here are the factors that cause it: chronic stress, skipping meals, drinking lots of coffee, irritable bowel syndrome.
– Low belly
How does it look? You’re slim, but your lower belly protrudes a bit. You should know that it might be caused by recent motherhood, monotonous and overly exertive exercise, unchanging diet, spinal curvature.
– Mommy’s belly. After giving birth, the belly looks like you’re pregnant again. It’s better to have a rest of 2-3 months after giving birth before taking up exercise. Don’t rush to the gym – now it’s better to spend time with your baby.
– Inflated belly
Your stomach is flat in the morning but grows during the day, regardless of whether you have excess weight. It’s caused by food allergy, sluggish bowels, intestinal flora imbalance.

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