5 Ways How Married Couples Handled Sexual Intimacy Conflicts

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5 Ways How Married Couples Handled Sexual Intimacy Conflicts

When you choose to spend so much time alongside a person, you also choose to share their bed with him or her. But, what if over time, issues start to arise in that sector. How do you cope with those issues?

Truth be told, most men and women complain about mostly the same things when it comes to their sex life, and these aren’t issues that we have to be ashamed of because there are plenty of solutions to cope with them.

I refuse to believe that marriage is unblemished by these issues. More or less some will appear over time, which implies that more or less we’ll have to cope with them to manage our love life in the best way possible that we can.

So, how married couples handled sexual intimacy conflicts? Here are some advices regarding these issues. 

1. Boredom

Has everything started to get too monotonous? That means that you have to try something new. Try to surprise your partner with a new sex position that you researched, experiment with your social skills in luring your partner to do something new with you.

Buy a sex toy and hide it under their pillow. There’s a whole array of stimulants and toys out on the market. Don’t worry, sex isn’t that much of a taboo as it was years ago. It’s not a taboo anymore as it was a year ago, because society is slowly accommodating to speak more openly about it. 

2. Idleness

Has some time passed since your partner last laid a hand on you?

Give your partners a friendly reminder then, try to lament in the most playful but at the same time, serious way that you can. Remind them of how much you miss their touch. If you see that this doesn’t do the trick, then try a more engaging and straightforward approach. If this also doesn’t work, then you need to have a serious talk with him or her.

If your partner doesn’t give you a reply to your passionate endeavors, then you might want to start asking yourself what’s actually going on. 

3. Our sex drives don’t match

Our sex drives don’t match

Sometimes one wants more while the other wants less.

This is a prevailing problem amongst married couples, where one part can’t have enough sex, while the other is either satisfied or wants less. For this to work, couples should mediate the issue between them.

Try to experiment with something new, or raise the sex drive of the frigid. If you are the one who wants more sex in your marriage and feel that your husband or wife offers you less than expected, try to raise his or her sex drive. You can do this by snuggling, talking dirty in your accepted limits and comfort, or propose new things.

And this is how married couples handled sexual intimacy conflicts. 

4. It isn’t as it used to be

Passion in marriages didn’t prevail in the past as it does now in our modern times because people’s life expectancies were a whole lot lower. Now, through the advancements of modern medicine, we can get to spend up to sixty years next to a person, and thus the question arises – how do we keep the passion burning over the years? Well, the honest answer here is that you have to get creative.

Plan sex dates, spark up what attracted you to each other in the first place. Spark romance at random, be spontaneous. 

5. Fantasies and swinging

When the issue arises, most married couples agree to them, if they’re reasonable to fulfill, but some partners don’t agree at all with them. For some people, even catching their spouse watching pornography is a sin.

Marriage means a long time, so to cope with the issue of spicing up intimate time by adding something new (such as fulfilling a fantasy) will eventually come up from one side of the marriage or both in most healthy couples. Speak about this openly with your spouse. Depending on what you or your partner is asking, you should be able to consent to it.

Predictability can become an issue in marriage

When it comes to swinging, you’re both in it. Again, depending on your relationship with your partner, you can propose to spice things up in your love life alongside other open-minded couples at swinger clubs. Boredom eventually leads some couples to this option, because they have already become too accustomed to one another and predictability has become an issue.

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