5 Ways to Effortlessly Rock Your Curls for Summer

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For the past few years, natural hair textures have become more relevant on runways, magazines and television. It contrasts past decades that focused on smooth, sleek hairstyles that were hidden behind relaxers, weaves, wigs and flat irons. Although those techniques are still used, the beauty and fashion industry has evolved to work with textures thanks to moments like the natural hair movement. As we enter the Summer, let’s explore some of the hottest hairstyles for natural textures as seen on the runway.

Vibrant Hair Color

NC Bianca Alexa Vibrant Hair 700

Image: Bianca Alexa @simplybiancaalexa

During the NYFW SS 2018 VFILES runway show, models sported bold hair colors on their natural textures. Burgundy, silver, red and hot pink were sprayed onto hair using colored hair sprays to bring a vibrant look to the catwalk. Regardless if the hair color is natural or dyed, colored textures are always show stoppers. Want to try a temporary solution? Try Dark & Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays that provide vibrant color on dark hair.

Celebrity/Model Inspiration: Rihanna, Jordan Dunn, Carmen Soloman

Natural Flat-Top

NC Christi Coleman Natural Flat-top 700

Image: Christi Coleman@christicolemandotcom

Flat-tops gained popularity during the 1950’s as a popular men’s hairstyle with another brief moment during 80’s and 90’s. Now, flat-tops are having a major moment and are repeatedly seen on runways on women of color. Fashion icons like Grace Jones took risks that paved the way for this modern-androgynous style.

Celebrity/Model Inspiration: Lupita Nyongo, Maria Borges, Adut Akech

Voluminous Ponytail

NC Brandi Harell Voluminous Ponytail 700

Image: Brandi Harell @brandirell

A sleek yet voluminous ponytail pulls the hair off the face and instantly adds elegance to any look. Ponytails can be stretched and puffy, polished with a curling iron/ perm rods, or a mixture of curls with braids with embellished beads as seen on the Desigual runway. Try this sleek low ponytail with wavy edges https://youtu.be/qzboQuflBBI

Celebrity Inspiration: Tracee Ellis Ross, Beyonce, Zendaya

Curly Pixie

NC Nia Pettitt Curly Pixie 700

Image: Nia Pettitt@niathelight

Short styles like a curly pixie are favorites during the summer months. They look chic, are low-maintenance, and offer versatility. Additionally, celebrities and models alike can be seen sporting pixie cuts that ooze confidence and provide a bit of edge to their normal look.

Celebrity/Model Inspiration: Halsey, Dilone, Jourdana Phillips

Curls Au Natural

NC Angela Onuoha Curls Au Natural 700

Image:Angela Onuoha @curlbellaa

Nothing will ever be more beautiful than curls in their natural state. It doesn’t matter if you have waves, spirals, or kinks, texture will always be in style. Recent runways showcase a variety of styles that are loosely tousled, tightly spiraled, big and kinky, and stretched with volume.

Model Inspiration: Imaan Hamaan, Alanna Arrington, Khadijha Red Thunder

Thankfully, we have entered a time where embracing curly hair is accepted and praised as beautiful. Every length, texture type, color and style is unique in itself giving women and men the confidence that they were always meant to have. It celebrates diversity in fashion and changes the conversation of what was once called a trend to a lifestyle.

What are your favorite curly styles for this summer? Share with the Naturally Curly community down below in the comments..

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