6 Parenting Mistakes That Might Ruin Child’s Health

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Every parent experienced that sinking feeling of fear for the child. Especially when you’re a new mom or dad, everything suddenly changes and simple objects and things become not as safe as they seemed before. But still, childhood should be a wonderful period of any person’s life, and parents are ready to do anything to make their child smile and laugh. However, there are some things you may not know about that are not only not that good for your baby but can even be possibly dangerous.
So, we found six things that do more harm than good to your children. Believe us; it wouldn’t hurt for any parent to know this information. For example, did you know that something as simple as seat belt may be quite unsafe? Watch our new video to find out more!

Baby walkers and jumperoo 1:03
Juice and milk 2:20
Bright toys 3:49
Warm clothes 4:54
Electronics and gadgets 5:50
Seatbelts 7:10

– Surprisingly enough, baby walkers and jumperoo are already banned in Canada. Actually, baby injury rate from baby walkers and jumperoos is unbelievably high – there’s been over 8,000 cases a year in the USA alone! Plus, they can lead to all sorts of health problems, such as uneven muscle strengthening or deformation of feet and legs.
– After drinking juice, your child would be even more thirsty, because of the amount of sugar it contains. Instead, pediatricians often advise giving fresh juices to children over the age of one year. But in the case of pasteurized fruit juices, it’s better to replace them with fresh fruit completely.
– Unnatural colors, electronic sounds, and many details in toys produce a harmful effect on creative thinking development and even influence personality formation. Unfortunately, aggressive behavior, groundless fears, and teenage depression are all possible outcomes.
– The younger babies are, the worse their thermoregulation is, meaning that they are exposed to both overheating and supercooling. Overheating leads to neuroticism and may result in heatstroke. Simply speaking, too much warm clothing prevents the body from developing natural defense reactions toward weather changes, which may result in cold-related diseases and low immunity.
– The blue light from LED screens causes retinal damage, which may lead to macular degeneration. This may result in cataracts and even blindness! Some parents may not realize it, but when your kid uses smartphones and tablets, he or she is deprived of the real world. Fine motor and sensory skills are not being developed, and there is no live interaction.
– Surprisingly enough, another thing that may cause a possible danger for your baby is a seat belt. This applies to those women, who are pregnant. Wearing the lap portion of a seat belt over your belly when you’re pregnant might cause an injury to the baby in case of an accident. The best thing to do is to not drive at all unless you must: the steering wheel is also far too close to the belly, which might prove fatal even in a minor accident.

Do you have any advice of your own on this topic? Leave your opinions in the comment section below!

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