6 Qualities You Must See in a Wedding Planner Before Hiring One

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6 Qualities You Must See in a Wedding Planner Before Hiring One

6 Qualities You Must See in a Wedding Planner Before Hiring One

Few days before the wedding gets really exciting thinking about the fact that it was just two years back you guys met for the first time and soon there will be wedding bells ringing in the coming month.

Personal experience –

We both are in private banks working fine and earning fine. Our love story started when he came to open his account in the bank, instead began in my heart.

He got the job in the same bank as I am in and we both have been working together since. It is a coincidence perhaps that we both are adopted and brought up by foster families. Even though during our growing time, we got everything best. So no any kind of regret.

For our wedding, we are searching for an experienced and professional wedding planner that can plan our whole wedding and give us the feel exactly the way we want in it.

It is a very daunting and aching task to find a wedding planner of your choice. The market is overrunning with options. But, many fraud people are also lurking in the market, and they aren’t who they claim, waiting to deceive you and rob you of your money.

So, here we are, as a couple, sharing some useful points about how your wedding planner should be, which are likely to help you in finding the best wedding planner for the wedding.

How your wedding planner should be? 

1. Experienced and professional

When you first meet a potential wedding planner for your wedding, you must ask them how much experienced they have of the relevant industry and how professional they are in executing their work.

These two points are going to decide on your wedding planner. For the wedding, you should always go for an experienced wedding planner. And about their professionalism, you can always fetch enough information by speaking to one or two of their previous clients. 

2. Reviews

When you are going to hire a wedding planner, then you must get reviews from their previous clients about their work, provided you can get an idea about what type of wedding planner you are going to book.

Through clients’ reviews, you can get an idea of how professional they are and how they work. 

3. Give your wedding wings

Give your wedding wings

Every couple has a vision of their wedding-related décor, food and other ideas they wish to implement into their wedding ceremony.

An experienced wedding planner can bring your vision into reality. The dream that you have for your wedding can become your reality courtesy the efforts put up by your chosen planner. They have the ability to convert fantasies into reality.

This must be the quality you need to look out for when choosing a wedding planner. 

4. Communication skills

Whoever you are selecting, they should have good communication skills.

Communication skill is necessary provided you can also understand what they are saying, and they can even understand your demand. 

5. Must have a team

Wedding planning is not one man’s task. It requires teamwork and enormous efforts delivered by the same team.

A wedding planner must have his/her team. If they have a team, then your wedding can be just as you had imagined. So, when you select a wedding planner, you must ask for their team. Any professional wedding planner must have a good team.

These days, wedding planners are so smart that they deceive clients by saying they have a team, and when the real work comes, they hire random people who don’t have wedding planning experience. 

6. Budget-savvy

There is a huge difference between a couple’s budget and a wedding planner’s budget.

A wedding planner with his/her experience very much knows where they can save the money. The reason being they have connections with vendors that easily work on a wedding planner’s condition. If you hire vendors directly, they charge higher rates for their services.

This situation can be avoided if you hire a wedding planner.

Skills that make a good wedding planner ready-to-be-hired

These are the main skills that you should see in a wedding planner that you are going to hire. Along with the mentioned skills, your ideal wedding planner should be responsive, calm, detail-oriented, negotiator, and problem solver.

Aditya is one of the most eminent wedding planners in Delhi. He is into the business of wedding planning from almost a decade. Moreover, he is also a passionate supporter of the sustainable wedding planning.

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