6 Simple Ways to Save 100 Calories per Day

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Spray It, Don’t Pour It

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It’s so easy to overpour oil, and each tablespoon packs 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. So, instead of standard bottles of oil, pick up nonstick spray. A 1-second spray has 5 to 10 calories. Even with a 2-second spray, you’ll save 100 calories! There’s also a new development in the spray world: spritzable grapeseed oil! It’s versatile and has a mild enough taste that it works for almost everything.  


The Bread Switcheroo

English muffin

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The average slice of sandwich bread has around 100 calories so that’s 200 calories per sandwich from the bread alone. If you’re a daily sandwich packer, there are tons of bread alternatives that top out at 100 calories in total, anything from 45-calorie light bread to 100-calorie high-fiber tortillas. More of an morning bread lover? Choose a light English muffin over carby bagels. Gotta have a bagel? Look for flat bagels!


Retire Regular Soda

Ways to Save 100 Calorie per Day: Retire Regular Soda

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Nearly half of all Americans are soda drinkers according to a 2014 Consumption Habits poll done by Gallup. Well, a regular 12-oz. can of soda has around 145 calories. Have one a day, and that’s more than 1,000 calories per week! Who needs it?

Skip the soda and swap in water, calorie-free soda (there are natural options on shelves), or unsweetened iced tea. An even healthier option? Adding a little lemon to your water or tea for extra flavor and a shot of vitamin C. Added bonus: water helps you feel fuller, so you’ll eat less!


An Egg-Cellent Swap

Ways to Save 100 Calorie per Day: An Egg-cellent Swap

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One large egg has around 72 calories, yet the white of that egg only contributes about 17 protein-packed calories to that total number. If you’re making a 3-egg omelette, you’ll save more than a hundred calories by going for an egg-white omelette instead.

You’ll need about 3/4 cup liquid egg whites or 6 large egg whites to make a similarly sized omelette, and remember that brands like Better’n’Eggs and Egg Beaters sell the whites in cartons to make things easier. Stuff your omelette as usual: with veggies and reduced-fat cheese. You can also cook your eggs in the microwave. 


Pass the Milk

Ways to Save 100 Calorie per Day: Pass the Milk

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If you’re drinking whole milk or even 2 percent milk—or pouring a cup over your cereal in the morning—you’ll save an average of 100 calories per cup if you switch to unsweetened almond milk. There are lots of options out there, but my favorite is Blue Diamond’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. It’s just 30 calories a cup. It works almost everywhere you use milk except in instant pudding (use nonfat dairy milk there instead).


Cue in New Condiments

Ways to Save 100 Calorie per Day: Cue in New Condiments

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Mayonnaise is a sandwich staple, but just 1 tablespoon of regular mayo contains around 100 calories and 10 grams of fat. Ditch the mayo and swap in mustard, which is nearly calorie-free.

This also goes for burgers and anywhere else you find hidden globs of mayo. And if you tend to pour salad dressing all over your greens, consider switching to salsa. Restaurant dressings have surprisingly high calorie and fat counts, while salsa is low in calories with a big flavor punch. 

And calling all sour cream lovers! Save fat and boost your protein consumption by swapping in fat-free plain Greek yogurt instead. Two tablespoons of sour cream has about 60 calories and 6 grams of fat, yet that same amount of nonfat Greek yogurt has a quarter of the calories, plus 3 grams protein. 

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