6 Ways You Can Start to Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Our self-worth plays a pivotal role in shaping
the way we view ourselves. It, after all, describes a feeling of true value
towards oneself. This is in spite of the way we look or the things that we do.
Possessing strong self-worth, however, is easier said than done. There are many
factors which hinder our ability to value ourselves. Maybe it is the fact that
we can’t slip into that trusty pair of jeans. Maybe it is the slight cellulite
forming on our thighs. We have come to believe that looking like and acting
like Hollywood stars and Instagram influencers is the norm. But, we know now
that it isn’t. The continual rise of the body positive movement is showing us
that there is much more to life than our bodies. We have nothing to prove. But
despite uplifting revolutions, there is still so much negativity surrounding
the body. And, many women feel the brunt of it. Feeling comfortable in your own
skin may seem like a lifelong struggle. However, there are a few strategies
that can help you shape a more positive mindset about your figure. For one
thing, consumeradvisors.org
offers sound health advice which can be a great place to start. Additionally,
you can check out these key things to do in order to take charge of your
thoughts about yourself.

1. Don’t Get Stuck Into Dieting

Why do we still gasp in fear when we hear the
dreaded word ‘diet’? Is it because of their tremendously demanding routines? Is
it the fact that they remove our favorite foods from our meal plans? It’s most
certainly these two factors. However, the entire notion of a diet is flawed, to
begin with. The word implies that you will have to follow strict rules in order
to achieve results. Any deviation from these rules will set you back to day one.
Furthermore, diets thrive off of the food-removal premise. This means that all
diets will encourage you to steer clear of specific foods and food groups. A
more important and meaningful approach would be a health-conscious lifestyle.
Vegetarianism, for example, is a lifestyle rather than a diet. While strict
vegetarians themselves don’t eat any meat, part-time vegetarians still dabble
in it. The lifestyle is one that does not pressure you into specific foods but
rather encourages you to find delicious culinary combinations within more
nutritious produce. This lifestyle can have tremendous health benefits. If it isn’t your
cup of tea, then there are many more health-conscious lifestyles to consider.

2. Clean Up Your Social Profiles

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

As we have already mentioned, social media has
a powerful influence over our self-worth. For this reason, it can be an
extremely dangerous tool. In the same breath, individuals may use the platforms
as fitness motivation and inspiration. In this way, it can be an uplifting
workout companion. The key to getting the most out of your platforms is
moderation – both with your time and your following. Spending less time on
social media will allow you to relish in the real world more. Furthermore,
detoxing your social profiles will help you wean out the toxic people. Take a
dive into Instagram and check out who you are following. Are they a close
friend or family member? Do their posts promote positivity and/or motivate you?
Do their accounts mirror the person that you are or wish to be? While it may
sound so simple, reducing the toxic and hateful content on your feeds will
help you feel more positive about yourself.

5. Take Part In Cultural

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

To truly be comfortable in your own skin, you
need to understand what it is like to live in another’s. Furthermore, it would
be wise to garner others opinions regarding self-worth and body positivity. The
best way to do this? Engage in cultural conversations and critique. This can be
done through social media or with your friends and family. The only concern is
that these conversations can lead to heated debates. Which, in turn, can
trigger people. Therefore, it is important that you take part in cultural
conversations within a safe and calm environment. This can be in the form of
support groups. Understanding more about others will help you appreciate what
you have and express gratitude towards them.

These are, by no means, the only ways to feel more
comfortable in your own skin. Also, they will certainly not work overnight. It
is an uphill battle to true self-worth but one that is attainable for all.
Surround yourself with positive people, develop a health-conscious lifestyle
rather than a diet, and participate in social dialogue to start feeling more
optimistic about life.

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