7 “Safe” Products That Can Do Harm to Your Face

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Which homemade skincare treatments are actually harmful? Some of them are great, but a lot of them (even the most popular ones) can do way more harm than good. And that’s because some products simply aren’t meant to be put on your face!
Do you know, for example, that using baking soda can lead to skin irritation and dryness? Vinegar can cause chemical burns when used on the face. Experts also strongly suggest removing lemons from your skincare routine.

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Garlic 2:25
Lemon 3:00
Toothpaste 3:35
Sugar 4:18
Harmful ingredients in your skincare and makeup products 5:37

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– Mayonnaise contains mostly oil and fat, both of which can guarantee you more acne and clogged pores.
– The main problem with baking soda is its pH level. Your skin has a pH of about 4.5 to 5, while baking soda’s pH is 9. Just for comparison, simple water has a neutral pH of 7!
– The problem with vinegar is sort of the same as with baking soda, only its pH level is way too low at around 2.5 to 3. This strong of an acid can really harm your skin!
– Applying garlic directly to your face causes skin irritation that leads to rashes and full-fledged irritant dermatitis. So instead of putting garlic on your face, just eat it!
– Lemons contain a chemical called psoralen that you rub all over your face each time you include lemon juice in your skincare.
– Toothpaste easily irritates and totally dries out the skin, which is especially damaging for people with dry or sensitive skin. If you wanna get the same drying effect without wreaking havoc on your skin, just get a product with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in it.
– Never use a scrub if you have a cold sore or an open wound on your lips – it’ll irritate the skin even more and disrupt the healing process. Also, don’t rub too aggressively – it doesn’t take much pressure at all.

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