7 Tips for A More Rewarding Shower

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More Is Not Always Better

The idea that exfoliating regularly cleans your skin from dirt and oil is a common misconception. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Excessive scrubbing of the skin may lead to an increase of oils throughout the skin, resulting in counter-productivity. The best way to avoid this mishap is to gently massage the skin only several times per week. In addition to this, do not forget to restrict your use of excessively warm water – showering with hot water can result in further skin ailments, such as itchy or dry skin.

While taking a shower removes dirt and promotes relaxation, it can also damage your skin if you’re not doing it properly.

Treat Your Hair With Love

The best way to avoid causing damage to your hair is to treat it with kindness. Before showering lightly brush your hair in order to avoid any damage. Doing this will ensure that no stressful tangles occur later. If you have naturally tangled hair, simply use a wide-tooth comb after applying conditioner and your hair will look like never before.

Cleaning Too Much Is Not The Answer

Being overly attentive to your hair is also not the answer. Your hair has natural oils that protect the follicles and washing these away may be detrimental to its health and shine. The best way to avoid this is by sticking to an every-three-day hair washing routine.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Always remember to treat your body with patience. This rule particularly applies to hair removal. The best way to reduce irritation is to wait 15 minutes after entering the shower to remove hair. The gentle warmth of the water will result in the softening of the hair follicles, and will avoid discomfort afterwards.

Patience Is A Virtue

When you are finally done and ready to start your day with all its radiance and beauty, still keep your skin in mind. After exiting the shower, it is best to dab your skin dry so that you avoid that dreaded itchy skin and dryness.

Your Smile Is The Window To Your Soul

With all of these tasks, who can keep track of them all? One such chore is regularly brushing your teeth. No matter how tired you may be after a long day at work, never skip cleansing your mouth. Your teeth require a whole two minutes of brushing, so that they can shine with all their glory.

Clean Linens, Clean Body

Striving for that beautifully glowing skin? The solution may be more simple than you think. Bacteria and plenty of other nuisances may be hindering your skin from achieving its maximum potential. The best way to ensure this is quite simple – change your bath linens regularly. Changing your linens after several days is a must. Your pores may become clogged due to the residual soap and oil build-up idn the material. This also means that you should dispose of your linens after roughly three to four weeks.

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