8 Best Ways to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

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8 Best Ways to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

Love just happens. It needs no explanation or reason.

You never know which habit or a part of someone’s character will attract you towards them and the next thing you know, you’re in love with them. However, it’s best when the same feeling is reciprocated from them as well. One-sided love always ends up badly.

It is important for you to back off at the right time to save yourself from a heart aching experience. This is where you need some best ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

Listed below are pointers that will guide you to come out of your one-sided love 

1. Acceptance

One of the hardest yet necessary things to do is to accept the fact that they don’t need you.

You were in love with them, they weren’t. In some cases, they’re even not aware about your feelings. Even if you have expressed yourself, doesn’t mean they should love you back.

Love is a feeling that comes automatically and just can’t be ignited like that.

So, the best way to stop being hurt is to accept the fact that they don’t need you and take a step back. The quicker you accept it, the faster you can come out of it. 

2. Distraction

It is possible that they loved you at some point but that love and affection for you has dried off.

Now, they just don’t want you anymore.

This can be a difficult situation as you are still in love with them. Understand that they have lost all affection and emotions for you, but you still have some feeling for them.

In such a situation, it will be good to distract yourself from the situation and try focusing on things that are important in your life, other than them. It may take a while for you to figure things out, but once you’ve done it, be on it.

Pursue that religiously and before you know it they will be your past. 

3. Don’t go back

Our mind plays tricky games with us in various situations.

While you are following some of the best ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you, your mind might create an urge to go back to them.

This is normal as love is a strong drug.

Once you’re addicted, it’s difficult to recover. In such a situation, you have to fight back with your urge and focus on things that are right for you. You can’t lose this battle otherwise you would go back to the place where you started your journey of recovery.

So, be strong headed and follow what’s right. It will be tough but you have to set aside the urge and follow the path. 

4. Speak to someone

Speak to someone

Be it heartbreaks or any personal problem, speaking about it with someone known always helps.

They’re always there to help you and guide you in such situations. They emerge as your backbone, a support system and help you overcome in every step.

So, when you think you need to just get over someone who doesn’t love you, speak to someone you trust. Share your feeling with them and seek their guidance. They will surely help you get back on track. 

5. What you need

Often, when we are so much involved with someone our priorities and dreams take a backseat.

Since now you’re aware that someone you loved doesn’t love you back, it’s time you revisit your priorities and start sorting them out.

What we want is not important but what we need surely is.

It could be the lookout for a better professional opportunity, a long-desired vacation or a hobby that you wanted to have. So, make a list of what you need and start ticking them off. 

6. Love yourself

Just because someone doesn’t love you back don’t mean you stop loving yourself.

Always give priority to self-love and self-care. Have some ‘me’ time. Groom yourself. Join a gym or a dance class. Spend some time with yourself and see how you can improve yourself. Learning a new hobby will surely be an added way to pamper you. 

7. Get a reality check

It may be possible for you to be still holding on to the dream of getting back together while you follow the aforementioned best ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you. It is time that you come out of that dream.

You need to abandon it and bury it in your past.

Two individuals can only come together when they both are deeply in love with each other. A one-sided love affair isn’t fruitful. So, leave the dream behind and focus on what the future holds for you. 

8. Don’t get angry

It may happen that the person you were in love with will soon be with someone else.

It will be hard for you to face reality. In any case, you mustn’t lose your anger. Getting angry on them means you still love them and are hoping to get back together again. The reality is different and you must make peace with it. Losing anger is never a good sign. So, move on.

It is never easy to undo love when you were emotionally attached to a person, be it a relationship or a one-sided crush. Above mentioned best ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you will help you overcome it.

It surely will be a difficult path but the only way to be out of this situation is to move forward. All the best!

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