8 Other Ways to Say I Love You

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8 Other Ways to Say I Love You

One of the best feelings in the world is to fall in love with someone deeply.

You feel flying high in the sky when you find the one who compliments you, understands you and lights up your life with their presence. You can go straight to them and can say I Love You, or can express your love via different ways and expressions.

When in love, doing things matter the most than just saying them

So, it’s important that you also do things and show gestures that support your ‘I Love You’ statement. So, here are some different and other ways to say I Love You.

‘I am always here for you, in good and in bad.’

When you love someone, you want them to witness your life, in good and in bad. By just saying those three magical words would not suffice. You have to be with them, in person, in their good or in bad.

While you both are busy in your professional life, a small gesture that shows that you both are there for each other can make each other’s day. By being with them or leaving a message to express these words can mean a lot and eventually will strengthen your relationship.

Be attentive to them

The last thing one would expect from their partner is non-attentiveness.

Partners are supposed to share everything. They feel comfortable sharing and happy when their partner listens to them.

By being attentive towards them, you also gesture that they mean the world to you. There is nothing more important in your world than them. So, be attentive towards them.

Listen to what they say and give them a morale boost, wherever necessary.

Be thoughtful and caring towards them

It’s a fantastic feeling when you know someone cares for you. Someone is there who thinks about you and would want you to be safe and sound. When someone gets worried when you’re not reachable or come home late from work.

Someone nurses you when you’re sick and ensures that you eat healthy food and recover soon. These are small gestures of caring and thoughtfulness that speaks louder than words. Do something like this today and express your love for them.

Get a little flirty now and then

Most couples complain that the love between them is gone and has dried up with time. The reason is that the feeling of ‘he/she isn’t going anywhere,’ takes over love. You’re so settled and used to that person that you start taking them for granted, knowingly or unknowingly.

This eventually pollutes the ‘I Love You’ words to beyond repair.

The best way to let your partner know that you’re still into them is to flirt with them now and then.

Just because you both are in love with each other doesn’t mean love can take a backseat. Let it still be there and let it drive your relationship. Don’t let negative thoughts dilute the best feeling in the world.

Communicate – verbally or nonverbally

Communicate – verbally or nonverbally

Communication is indeed the key to a successful relationship.

Just because you’ve expressed those words doesn’t mean you can get away communication. Show and express your love through verbal or non-verbal communication. For instance, ask how was their day, how’s their work-life going, how are they feeling, et al.

Bring some flowers, make them their favorite breakfast, take them out on a random date, spend time with them, surprise them on their birthdays, and remember anniversaries and other such small things.

Remember, small gestures can make a huge impact.

Give them their due space

Yes, everybody needs a space, even when in a relationship.

There will be a time when your partner would like to be left alone or would want to spend some time with their gang or squad. Let them be.

Give them that free space without any second thought.

This way, you are expressing your trust in them and are letting them have their much needed time with their folks.

Love is never about bondage

You must let your partner free and encourage them in every way possible.

By not giving them have their own space you would demonstrate that you own them. This, eventually, will ruin your relationship with them, forever.

Be supportive of each other

When in a relationship, there is less of me/I and more of us/we.

Everyone adjusts their life to be with their loved ones. However, there are times when you need to support or push your partner in achieving their aspiration or dreams. By standing next to them, you would showcase how much you love them.

So, be with them, help and support them in achieving what they want to do.

Love is your priority, everything else comes next

Indeed! As we have spoken above, whom you give importance matters. When you’re in love, your partner and your love towards them is your priority. You work to make them happy, you care for them, and you do things that would strengthen your relationship.

If you’re giving other things priority than love, then ‘I Love You’ will hold no importance in your love life.

‘I Love You’ are three simple words but hold such a deep meaning.

Listed above are some of the other ways to say I Love You through gestures that would change the dynamics of a relationship. So, don’t just say those three magical words, express it through gestures as well.

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