9 Funniest Marriage Tweets Of The Year So Far

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    9 Funniest Marriage Tweets Of The Year So Far

    9 of The Funniest Marriage Tweets Of The Year So Far

    Nothing quite shows off the love and frustration that we all embrace during married life than funny tweets. These funny tweets express our delight as well as frustration at the ups and downs of married life.  

    Take a look at this lot to see what we mean

    1. Everchanging memories

    Dad and Buried

    2. Handled like a queen

    Lady Lawya

    “Hubs -Are you going to drink that entire bottle of wine? Me, “you didn’t marry no quitter”. Hubs, nodding, “My Queen”
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    3. Downstaged

    Three years ago, I married the love of my life

    Kevin Kennedy Ryan

    “Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fell over”
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      4. Shark Bait

    Happy ChillMore

    “It’s fine that my wife plans beach vacations every year around Shark Week, but only referring to me as “Chum” while we’re there is a bit much!”
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    5. Sleep Talking

    From: Dan

    “I don’t wanna talk about it until you’re about to fall asleep. Marriage”
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    6. Besotted Faker

    Besotted Faker

    From: Wilde Thingy

    “My wife told me today that I’m as handsome as the day we met. I’m 87% certain that this is actually an insult”
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    7. Danger Zone

    From Rodney Lacroix

    “Wife: Don’t wake me up in the morning. (next morning). Me (waking wife up): Hey I can’t remember what you told me to do today”
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    8. Thin Ice

    Walking on thin ice

    Ham on Wry

    “My wife threatened to beat me if I didn’t stop mansplaining things, but after five minutes of showing her how to hold the bat, she walked out”
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    9. Revenge

    Chad Read

    “My wife just hit the back of my foot with the shopping cart and I’m not sure it was an accident”
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