9 Happy Family Rules That Never Work

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When we get married, we get offered a lot of advice and ideas about rules that supposedly determine how to lead a happy family life: what to do, when and how to do it, and what you definitely shouldn’t do. But maybe it’s a better idea just to ignore all of this and not get caught up in overanalyzing everything?

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Never lie to your partner 0:38
Be a weak woman for your strong man 1:08
Don’t use sex as a way to make up 1:30
Spend your free time together 1:56
Find an activity you can do together 2:18
Don’t argue about little things 2:45
Kids come first 3:16
Turn your life together into a party 3:43
Work on your relationship 4:07

– Just imagine how much irritation you could both avoid if you don’t bring up all the little details when it doesn’t help to do so.
– Remember — you married your partner as an equal. Don’t turn into a capricious child; be yourself.
– You might sulk for a long time over a trifling matter, but you can “make up” in a way you enjoy.
– Do you want to take a break from each other? Then do it. Spending time together is important, but you should only do so when you want to. Quality is more important here than quantity.
– If he doesn’t like going to the theater or to exhibitions and you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in sport, then both of you should do your own thing separately.
– There’s no need to pass over all your grievances and complaints in silence. If you do, one day that particular landmine will go off unexpectedly, and then you’ll have a serious conflict.
– Parents should, of course, always be there for their children when they need them and care for them as much as they can. However, you shouldn’t forget about yourself and your partner when you have kids.
– If you genuinely get a whole lot of pleasure simply out of lounging around on the couch together at the end of a tough week, then no one has the right to condemn you.
– The most important thing you should do during difficult periods in your relationship is to rest, let go of your problems, and avoid creating new ones. That way you won’t feel the need to let a third person into your relationship.

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