9 Signs of An Unhappy Person

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Signs of  An Unhappy Person

In the modern world, every other person is seen depressed due to the uncertainties of life. Unhappiness is such a state in which a person drives himself away from the people around him and thinks pessimistically.

However, it is sometimes very hard for a person to determine the reason for their unhappiness because at times their personal habits are the cause of their sadness.

Below are some signs of an unhappy person. Check it out how many of them you experience while you are unhappy.

Signs of an unhappy person

1. Always complaining

An unhappy person is at the same time an ungrateful person. God has bestowed us with plenty of blessings, but there are people who do not feel satisfied with them be it their home, money, job or anything.

It happens due to many reasons. Some people think a lot; they have a habit of very closely inspecting everything, and then establish positive and negative beliefs about things.

When these negative beliefs work, they end up making a person sad; which is why they complain every time and does not feel contented.

2. You are a pessimist!

Pessimism arises when you do not find happiness anywhere, so you start thinking the worst of everything. It depends upon a person’s mood and their nature.

If you are in the habit of thinking negative, you’ll always find yourself caught in a mire of unhappiness.

That’s the reason why it is said to be happy and adopt an optimistic approach to life.

3. You get angry at petty things

Issues that do not even matter will definitely make you angry if you are unhappy. A person feels irritated at little things and takes out their frustration on others. This would further drive away people from you.

You get angry at petty things

4. Often feel lonely

You often feel as if no one wants to be your friend, nobody likes you, or you are different from others. The feeling that you can’t adjust among others constantly puts you in a bad mood.

So make an effort to change it.

You need no one to make you smile; it’s only you who could heal your unhappiness.

5. Hopelessness

When a person is sad, they cannot think of good and positive things in life. What they see is just hopelessness. They feel as if they are not capable of achieving their goals of life.

This hopelessness demotivates a person and makes them lose all the potential.

6. Fear grasps your mind

The state of unhappiness keeps a person away from living the dreams, from earning something bigger and better. They are always fearful that they might be wrong; they might commit a mistake or the like. Such thoughts occupy their mind and take them far away from achieving something.

7. Decline in health

One major sign of unhappiness is that you are not healthy anymore. You come across serious health problems like fatigue, weight loss, chronic pain, insomnia, blood pressure, and even migraine.

8. You are absent-minded

A sad person usually forgets things. They might be physically present among others, but mentally they are absent. They don’t listen carefully and don’t attend other people properly. This is perhaps because they are depressed, they are only thinking of himself, their worries and that keep him aloof of others.

9. Involvement in bad activities

Constant state of unhappiness forces you to use drugs, involve in sex or use alcohol. These activities give them pleasure, and the person somehow finds an escape from sadness.

These are hence, some of the prominent signs of an unhappy person. Try to figure out what’s bothering you and then find a solution to it rather than letting sadness take over you; because life is too short to be unhappy, so surround yourself with beautiful people and live a happy life.

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