9 Things That Show Your Love Without Words

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These 9 simple little things will help you express your love much better than words. From giving compliments to cooking dinner together – we are going to explain why each of them means so much to your beloved.

You can talk about such a great feeling as love. You can write poems and songs and tell everyone you know about it. But sometimes all you need is to do something right. This will mean more for a person than any words you can say. Watch this video till the end if you want to make your relationship even stronger and your love – everlasting.

Give your partner some time to rest. 0:48
Be a good listener. 2:28
Don’t forbid them to see their friends. 4:09
Pay attention to the things they love. 5:12
Dream together. 5:50
Give compliments. 6:58
Be both a girlfriend and a friend for him, not a tyrant. 7:37
Cook dinner together. 8:24
Don’t get annoyed by flaws. 9:08

– Find things to keep yourself busy with. There is most likely something you have always wanted to learn: cooking like a chef, editing pictures, speaking French or maybe you wanted to knit a super long cozy scarf for the winter? There you go – your alone time is a great opportunity for that.
– Remember this: if your partner wants to talk to you about something you know nothing about, or are not interested in, don’t refuse right away. Sometimes girls just need someone who can listen to the latest news, learn about all the sales, and look at all the things they’ve bought. Don’t be angry in these moments.
– When you are in a relationship, the last thing you should do is try to turn your partner into your property. Every person needs private space and time they can spend with friends.
– Happiness consists of small things. Her favorite sweets and fruits and washed dishes may seem insignificant, but it will be a big sign for her that you remember what she likes, you value your relationship, and you love her.
– Doing something silly and fun together will make great memories. And of course, dreaming together means making plans together. That is a sign of love and commitment.
– Here comes the big surprise: girls are not the only ones who love hearing compliments. Even though they don’t openly admit it, guys love to know that they look good too. So tell your boyfriend that he is very handsome, his shirt really suits him, or that his socks are really cool.
– Criticism, dissatisfaction, and trying to get involved in “men” stuff are not the things men want from their girlfriends. Even if you are sure you know what’s better for him, let him be independent.
– Planning and cooking a big meal together is something like a little model of living together – each of you has some tasks and responsibilities, and it will only work out if you work together as a team.
– Learn to love your partner and accept them the way they are, even with their little faults. Then you will see that it’s so much easier to live like that.

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