An Introduction to the Monday Dieter Plan

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Diet and nutrition

By: Nicole Romanella

What is the Monday Dieter?

If you’ve ever said “I will start my diet on Monday” to yourself or a friend, my blog, Monday Dieter is for you. A Monday dieter is someone who can relate to this scenario: every Monday you start a diet and by mid-week you’re completely off the wagon and vow to start again next Monday. That usually means every weekend you eat everything in sight since you’re planning to start fresh come Monday.

The “Monday Dieter” represents the emotional component to dieting. If losing weight was as easy as eating healthy, eating less, and moving more, we’d all be at our goal weight. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There is an emotional component to dieting that we need to be aware of. Many of us, myself included, are emotional eaters. We soothe ourselves with food, so when emotions hit us mid-week, we fall off our diets. When you understand yourself emotionally, you can better understand your relationship with dieting.

My personal struggles inspired me to start my blog. I can confidently say I’ve started 1,664 Monday diets. Losing weight and food are always on my mind. I’ve always believed in the fairy tale of weight loss; that my problems will melt away with the pounds. Because of this, my weight has always fluctuated.

This blog is a place where I discuss the reality of being a woman in a world where we constantly wage a war against our bodies. The Monday Dieter was created to encourage all women to open up, support each other, and share the struggles of being a lifelong dieter. Every Monday I post new content to inspire you to have the best week possible and to help you better understand the emotional component of eating. If weight loss is your goal, my posts can help you too. There will never be a perfect Monday to start a diet. But there will always be a fresh start to the week. It’s okay to start a diet every Monday, but it’s not okay to hate yourself if you fail.

Monday Dieter & The Dr. Oz Show

When the Dr. Oz show approached me and asked to collaborate on my idea I was thrilled. We built the Monday Dieter series for The Dr. Oz Show to give viewers real tools to implement every Monday. All month long, we’re going to honor your dedication to dieting in the hopes that if you’re mindful of eating on Monday, the habits you pick up can be taken with you all week long. Let’s face it – a bad Monday can ruin the week, but it can also set in place habits that can change your life. Every Monday we give you the motivation to improve your health and a brand new plan to keep you on track.

We start with the One Week Flat Belly No-Bloat Plan, which is perfect if you’re down on yourself about not feeling fit and healthy as you head into summer.

Next, we’ll bring you a One-Day Reset Plan. This plan is ideal for anyone who emotionally eats and needs a reset. It really only takes one day to get back in the game.

We also created a 3-day Guide to Lose Water Weight in a Hurry. Water weight builds up when we eat too many carbs, which is usually the drug of choice during an emotional eating binge.

Finally, we’ll end the month with the essential Mediterranean Diet Grocery List with the hopes that healthy eating turns into a lifestyle rather than a short-term diet.

Make sure to check Monday Dieter every Monday for motivation as you start the new week. Remember, weight loss is a journey, not a destination.

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