Are Diet Sodas & Monster Drinks Making You Gain Weight?

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If you knew just how many calories were in some of your favorite drinks, you might not be in a rush to drink them. Drinking calories is a common mistake in the world of weight loss, but did you know that even diet sodas and energy drinks can lead to weight gain?

That’s right! Even diet sodas and ‘zero’ labelled drinks can make you gain weight. So here’s your complete guide to sodas, energy drinks, and your weight.


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Will Diet Sodas Make Me Gain Weight?

You might think you won’t gain weight by drinking diet soda, because they’re low in sugar and calories. It’s true that you aren’t drinking calories by having a diet soda. But actually, research has uncovered a disturbing trend: these beverages actually tend to INCREASE caloric intake overall.

A 2010 study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found that consumption of diet drinks such as Diet Coke and Pepsi One was likely to cause weight gain. That’s because the calorie reduction in the drinks can cause us t0 overcompensate on food calories instead.


Will Monster Make Me Gain Weight?

Energy drinks, like Monster, can be an easy boost of energy to get you through that afternoon slump. But did you know that they are actually loaded with calories? There can be 200 claories in just one can of Monster, meaning you are likely to be gaining weight if you aren’t accounting for these extra calories in your diet. If you’re relying on energy drinks to get you through the day then you are definitely drinking calories.

Whatsmore, research by Reuters Health has found that “drinking 32 ounces of energy drink is associated with potentially harmful changes in blood pressure and heart function.” So there are safer ways to get your boost of energy that won’t affect your waistline as much.


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How Many Calories Are In Sodas & Energy Drinks?

Now you know that your favourite ‘harmless’ drinks are actually worse for your weight than you first thought, let’s look at how many extra calories are you actually drinking?

  • 20 oz bottle Coca-Cola = 240 calories
  • 16 oz can Monster Energy Drink = 191 calories
  • 16 oz cup Caramel Macchiato = 250 calories
  • 11.5 oz can Minute-Maid Cran-Apple Juice = 220 calories

So just two of these seemingly harmless daily beverages adds up to roughly 500 calories! That’s an extra 3,500 calories consumed a week, or ONE WHOLE POUND gained every single week from drinks alone.


How To Stop Drinking Calories

Instead of drinking Monster to give you a calorific boost of energy, or diet cola to trick you into hunger, try IdealBoost.

Our unique weight loss drink is a healthy alternative to diet sodas and energy drinks. It contains a blend of green tea, green coffee bean extract, and B vitamins to give you a boost of energy. It also our unique hunger-blocking formula that keeps you full for 3 hours so you won’t end up eating extra calories like you might with other diet drinks. Each IdealBoost pack is only 5 tiny calories, sugar-free, and completely delicious. Any time you need a boost, simply add an IdealBoost pack to 16oz of water.

Natasha lost 80 pounds by cutting soda with IdealBoost weight loss drink. She’s even maintained her weight loss thanks to her new healthy lifestyle, and IdealBoost.

“People don’t realize how many calories are in a 44 ounce cup,” Natasha says. “When I found out I was drinking over 3,000 calories in soda every day I was disgusted.” But don’t worry there’s a happy ending for Natasha.


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