Becoming a Personal Trainer – Qualifications and Attributes You Need


Working as a personal trainer can be the ideal career choice for someone who enjoys physical activity and is good with people.

Personal trainers get the opportunity to improve the lives of the people they work. which gives them a great sense of achievement. If you think that being a personal trainer sound like a good option, it;s time to understand the qualifications and attributes needed to secure work.

You can learn more here about training in the world of sport and fitness. We are going to look in more detail at the specific training needed for a career as a personal trainer, and at what type of person you need to be to succeed.

Qualifications needed to be a Personal Trainer

It’s important to make sure that you have a qualification that is nationally recognized and allows you to work across Australia. The minimum qualification you will need if you want a career as a personal trainer is a Certificate IV in fitness. Training towards this qualification gives you the knowledge required to deliver personal training and to motivate clients.

In order to train for a Certificate IV in fitness, you should first obtain a Certificate III in fitness. The training for this qualification gives you a solid foundation in awareness of how to run fitness classes and how to work in a sport and recreation environment. Some training providers offer a combined course so that you can obtain both certificates as part of one course.

Training with an Experienced Personal Trainer

The theory behind working as a personal trainer is important, but it’s also essential to have hands-on experience.

The best way to get experience is to train under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer in a gym. Doing so helps to give you the skills required to motivate the people you are training. You also get to see first hand how to put the theory you are learning into practice.

Attributes Needed to be a Personal Trainer

Being successful as a personal trainer is not just about having the right qualifications and training. You also need to have the right attributes as a person. Some of the attributes that a successful personal trainer needs to have included:

  • The ability to listen effectively.
  • Passion for the role.
  • A flexible attitude.
  • Dedication to helping clients.
  • The ability to motivate others.
  • Well-developed organizational skills.
  • A drive to succeed.

These attributes combined with a good training background give you the best opportunity of enjoying a successful career as a personal trainer.

If love of physical activity with good skills sounds like a good option, embark on a career as a personal trainer . Be honest with yourself whether you have the right attributes to succeed and make sure that you start training for the qualifications you need, as soon as possible.

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