Bizarre Beauty | I Finally Tried the Pearl Dust Facial & It Did This!

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By Huda Heidi Kattan


Sooo, I’ve heard pretty insane things about the Pearl Facial! For starters it’s supposed to seriously brighten and lighten your skin! It also promises to help even out skin tone and all of that fun stuff that makes your skin look beautiful! Weeeell, I tried it! I have to say, it was the MESSIEST facial I have ever done! Even messier than the snail slime! The pearls are so finely milled that it’s literally like Pearl Dust and after it dries it starts to dust off and ends up everywhere, your mouth included (feels like eating baby sand)! Even while I was applying it, it fell onto my clothes, pants, the floor, my chair and pretty much everywhere! But I have to say, it was worth it!

After letting the facial sit for about 10 minutes, I washed it away and my skin looked MUCH lighter! I wouldn’t say it looked brighter, but definitely lighter in tone. I personally really like dark skin, so I wasn’t crazy about the lightening, although I do love brightening my skin to help even the tone. This however did seem to even the tone of my skin slightly so I would use it again, but I think I would try it on areas like my knees and elbows! It wasn’t too bad and I would do this next time in a bath tub or with a bath robe on, because it is meeesssy!

I bought this on a trip to Hong Kong, but I am sure most Asian markets will sell it!


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