18 Foods Your Body Needs to Work Properly

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We put together a list of superfoods that will make any woman look bright and feel healthy. Who could have thought broccoli was so powerful?
“Forever young I want to be” – what woman would not relate to this line? When we think of “forever young,” expensive cosmetics, pills, and spas come to mind. Apparently, it can be much easier and cheaper than that.

For glowing skin 1:01
For good breast health 3:47
For healthy bones and teeth 4:45
To balance your hormones 5:21
To strengthen your nervous system 7:26

– Foods high in antioxidants like vitamin С, vitamin A, and vitamin E speed up the skin’s natural repair systems and help protect it against sun damage. Now, we all know that vitamin C is powerful in preventing and healing cold and flu. We recommend consuming on a daily basis in the amount of 75 mg. What we did not know is that it also contributes to the beauty of our skin.
– Broccoli, in particular, contains indole-3-carbinol, an antioxidant with enormous health benefits. You’re doing your whole body a favor whenever you add vitamin-rich broccoli to a meal. Who could have thought this little green plant could do you so much good? Mushrooms, green tea, salmon, and pomegranates will also be your helpful allies in this fight.
– We all know the importance of Calcium. It is the essential element for teeth and bone structure and development. Calcium goes together with vitamin D. In addition to doing good to your bones, Vitamin D also boosts your mood and improves cognitive performance.
– For women, good fertility and hormonal balance are achieved by the consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin Е, iodine, choline, and vitamin С. Good news for those who love salmon, nuts, eggs and add seed oil to their meals.
– For adults, protein intake is miracle-working for weight loss since it is boosting metabolism. High-protein foods mean more work for your body to digest causing you to lose more calories in the process. Experts advise consuming up to 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight.
– Women should keep their folic acid intake to 0.4 mg a day. To do so, make sure to include avocado, carrots, beetroot, celery and out good friend broccoli in your diet.

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