Change Your Relationship with These 8 Tips

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Do you want to change your relationship? Improving your romantic life may be something you want to happen, but how are you making it happen? It could be that you have settled into a rut, or perhaps even hope things will change on their own. If you really want to change in your relationship for the better, here are a few tips that you could easily implement now to start turning things around. If both you and the one you love commit to making positive changes, you should see results in no time.

1. Stop criticizing. Let go of feeling the urge to voice your negative opinions to the one you love. Take a sabbatical from it for a while. Was your criticizing really changing things anyway? Was it helping the situation? After a while, when someone constantly hears criticism they tend to shut down and turn off. Which leads us to..

2. Compliment the one you love more. You don’t have to overdo it. Make a note to find at least one thing you can compliment then about daily. Bringing positivity into a relationship can help immensely. It can also help diffuse building tensions, change attitudes, and break down resentments.

3. Say please and thank you. If you have manners you say “please” when asking a stranger to do something for you. You also say thank you when a stranger is kind to you. (If you don’t, you need to) So why shouldn’t you say please and thank you to the one you love? Because you feel entitled to order the one you love around? Do you take for granted they should just do things for you or help you? If you do, you need an attitude adjustment. Perhaps if you both do this, you will forcibly remind yourselves just how much you both actually do for one another.

Change Your Relationship with These 8 Tips

Change Your Relationship with These 8 Tips

4. If there are people interfering in your relationship or taking away from your relationship then it is time to reprioritize. That is great that you have been helping your brother out but if it is taking too much time away from your relationship you have to stop giving so much and put it back into your relationship. If your friends or family have come between you and your relationship, or are putting you in the middle, bow out for a while. Stay away from them and regroup with the one you love. Build back up the strength in your relationship that has taken a hit due to outside influences.

5. Turn off electronic devices when walking in the door or when the one you love walks in the door. Regardless of what either of you are doing it can wait until you give each other a hug, kiss, or a hello. Take a few minutes to talk before resuming something important. And just so you know, playing games or browsing social media for amusement are not important. When eating meals together, all devices should be off. Period. yes, there may be some situations that require to do, but on most occasions, you can turn the things off.

6. Set a new goal to improve yourself. Empowering yourself will make you feel more confident, positive, and more proud of yourself. By doing that for yourself, you bring this same energy into your relationship. You may even inspire the one you love to improve themselves as well, even in the same way.

7. Look into a new activity you both could enjoy. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You could both take a cooking class, painting class, you name it. Check Groupon and other apps for ideas and to save money. It helps breathe new life into your social lives together and invites you both to try new things. If there have been things you have wanted to do but haven’t found the time, it is time to stop putting it off.

8. Treat yourselves to something at least once a week. You could run out on a Saturday and get ice cream together just for the hell of it. You could bring the one you love their favorite candy bar, flowers, or a magazine from the store you are shopping at. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do something special. You also do not have to spend a lot of money for a kind simple gesture to mean a lot.

Any other tips or suggestions to change your relationship for the better? Feel free to leave them in the comments below! With new year’s just around the corner, resolving to change your relationship will make your life happier.

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