Cheers to Your Health: New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

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new_years_resolutions There’s nothing that makes you feel like you ought to set some New Year’s resolutions quite like the week between December 25th and 31st – it’s a weird limbo period where no one knows exactly what time it is, but we’re more than happy to eat more turkey leftovers and Christmas chocolate.

Many people focus on fitness goals as a New Year’s resolution – which is great – but we think there are 4 other areas of health that deserve your focus in 2018.


Drink More Water

When we’re even as little as 1% dehydrated, the cellular processes that flush toxins from the body can suffer. Our kidneys are perfectly equipped to filter out whatever the body cannot use – unless they don’t have enough water to work properly, so making sure you get enough mls should definitely make your list of resolutions.

There are a few methods to make sure you’re getting enough (about 2.7 litres) water every day. We are fans of using the fitness apps we already use to track our step count to log every glass we have during the day, but you can also invest in a water bottle with a counter dial on top, of simply make sure you fill and drink a 1 litre bottle about 3 times a day!

Squeeeeze and Release

If you’re an Tips For Healthy Living fan, then you’re probably well-aware of how important pelvic floor strength is – in fact, our Complete Kegel Questionnaire earlier this year confirmed as much, with a majority of women knowing about Kegels and why they’re important.

However, despite being educated about the importance of doing pelvic floor exercises, 35% of women say they only do Kegels sometimes, and 19% almost never!  2018 is the year to get serious about your inner strength, so check out which strengthening tool can help you reach your goals!

Get Tested

When it comes to intimate health, a lot of folks rely on a ‘if nothing seems wrong, then nothing is wrong’ attitude. Reality, however, has different plans. There are roughly 110 million sexually transmitted infections – with 20 million new ones every year – in the United States, and the most common symptom is no symptom at all.

With easily transmittable infections like HPV, and not-well-understood newer ones like mycoplasma, you owe it to yourself and your partners to have sex as safely as possible. This involves using barrier protection like condoms and dental dams, yes, but it also involves regular testing.

With perfect use of barrier contraceptives – which includes during oral sex – you should still get tested every 6 months if you have new partners. It can seem scary at first, but just remember that not only is everyone at the clinic probably there for the same reason, the only assumption people should be making about you is that you’re a responsible person!

Discover YourSelf-Care Solution

We are all about the #treatyoself lifestyle, but it’s easy to forget that self-care is not only an important part of many people’s mental health maintenance, but also it will look different for different people!  So if your version of self-care is making time to do a face mask once a week, or setting time aside for self pleasure, that’s fantastic! But if your self-care if making sure you got up and dressed even though you weren’t leaving the house, then that’s fantastic too!  

Having a support system – like a bestie you text every day with a goal you want to achieve and something you’re grateful for – is a great way to make sure you stay on track, whatever your self-care goals may be!


Please note that advice offered by Tips For Healthy Living may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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