Creamy Mango Cheesecake

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Creamy Mango Cheesecake

Nutritive Information

  • Energy 422kcals/1774kj
  • Fat 11.37g
  • Saturated fat 2.2g
  • Cholesterol 2.951mg
  • Fibre 7.15g


  • 115g/4oz/ 1¼ cups rolled oats

  • 40g/ 1½ oz/3 tbsp sunflower margarine

  • 30ml/2 tbsp clear honey

  • 1 large ripe mango

  • 300g/10oz/ 1¼ cups low fat soft cheese

  • 150g/5oz/ 2/3 cup low fat natural yogurt

  • finely grated rind of 1 small lime

  • 45ml/3 tbsp apple juice

  • 20ml/ 4 tbsp powdered gelatine

  • fresh mango and lime slices, to decorate


  • Preheat the oven to 200oC/400oF/Gas 6. Mix together the oats, margarine and honey. Press the mixture into the base of a 20cm/8in loose bottomed cake tin. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until lightly browned. Cool.

  • Peel, stone and roughly chop the mango. Place the chopped mango, cheese, yogurt and lime rind in a food processor and process until smooth.

  • Heat the apple juice until boiling, sprinkle the gelatine over it, stir to dissolve, then stir into cheese mixture.

  • Pour the cheese mixture into the tin and chill until set, then turn out on to a serving plate. Decorate the top with mango and lime slices.


4 Servings.

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