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The golden-yellow flower heads of the plant brighten up the fields. The medicinal value of the dandelion plant is the treatment of all kidney complaints, liver trouble and circulatory disorders. It is widely used for treating arthritis, to disperse acidic deposits from the affected joints. To benefit from this herb, the leaves which are slightly bitter should be eaten raw in salad. Dandelion coffee made by roasting the washed roots in a warm oven can be taken when mixed with pure coffee. It cures pimples and skin spots.

Dandelion root is one of the most effective detoxifying herbs. Working principally on the liver and gallbladder to help remove waste products. Dandelion also stimulates the kidneys to remove toxins in the urine. A remarkably well – balanced remedy, the root encourages steady elimination of toxins due to infection or pollution. Dandelion has major therapeutic benefits for many conditions, including constipation, skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis, and gout.

One cup of raw, chopped dandelion greens contains about 100 mg of calcium. You can add fresh dandelion leaves to salad. Vinegar makes them less bitter, though that bitterness stimulates digestion. The good amount of calcium present in dandelion is necessary for the growth of strong bones. Dandelion is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and luteolin that protects the bone from age related damages, removes toxicity and free radicals and weakening of bones.

Cautions and Side Effects

Do not use as a diet aid. Seek advice from a medical herbalist before using to treat gallstones. Avoid if you have blockage of the bile duct. If you have gallbladder disease, do not use root preparations.

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