Drugstore Product of the Week! Cleanser that Repairs Skin!

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By Huda Heidi Kattan


I’ve always been such a huge fan of a good drugstore cleanser, but let’s be honest, those are rare to come by! Most of them leave my skin dry, tight, or break me out, bringing me back to those terrible teenage breakouts!

Well of all the cleansers out there, no matter what the price, this one seems to be a winner! The gentle formula doesn’t dry your skin out, but still leaves you completely clean and makeup free! It foams up a tiny bit, but it feels like it actually cleans your skin! I actually noticed after using it for some time that my acne faded and was kind of under control! I want to use this all over–I think it could be a huge help for anyone who has backne!

Gentle, effective and beautifying with hykeronic acids to help heal skin! This product is a must try!

Cerave Foaming Cleanser
Available at select drugstores & Ulta
$13 prices may vary

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