Drugstore Product of the Week! Seriously Kiss Your Pores Goodbye!

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By Huda Heidi Kattan


It honestly did not take long to fall in love with this product! Not only did it make my pores shrink, but it also made my seriously shiny T-zone stay matte all day long! Okay, so this is a pore concentrate that helps refine skin, but it also helps control sebaceous glands, meaning less oils! It almost gets into your pores and tightens them, then controls the oil they produce! I really didn’t think anything of this, but knowing how much I love Institut Esthoderm, I thought I would try this. After one use I noticed my pores immediately looked slightly smaller and after 5 days my skin looked smoother and my forehead started breaking out less, phew!

Institut Esthoderm Pore Refiner Concentrate
Available at Boots pharmacies or online
$35 price may vary



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