Evergreen Style: Braided Flower Crown

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Finally – Spring is here!

Are you ready to get the most beautiful evergreen look of the season? Great! For a style as versatile as the seasons, reach for Curlformers, the best styling tool kit for curl definition and long-lasting volume.

Learn how to get the prettiest look of the Spring season (and beyond) by watching our Curlformers-sponsored video tutorial:

As you can see, accessorizing with a flower crown is über simple. All you will need to do is gently brush your curls with a Hair Flair Style & Shine Paddle Brush, form a braid crown (starting from the temples of your hairline and working around and back), and then bobby pin the accessory to finish the look!

Curl definition and healthy, voluminous curls are easy to achieve once the curls are released from the Curlformers. Items used to achieve the look include:

Excited to show off your healthy, gorgeously styled curls? Then get your style kit and accessories today!

All items featured in our video are apart of the Curlformers collection and can all can be purchased on SHOP NaturallyCurly. Each product offering helps curlies achieve this lovely Braided Flower Crown style, that wears beautifully for spring, summer, and all times of the year!

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