Finances in Marriage – A 21st Century Approach

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Here are helpful strategies that will get you started on financial marital success

Though marriage is the oldest social institution and provides a foundation on which our civilization is built, it is a social construct that has been in a state of constant evolution.  Originally, the custom of marriage was not emotionally based at all. Love had nothing to do with it, so to speak. It was a financially based political and economic institution. So why then is the conversation of finances in marriage so taboo?  If marriage was always been a tradition that has been financially based, then why all the confusion on how to navigate where a couple stands financially? The answer is if we have a changing concept of marriage in the 21st century we need to accompany that with a changing concept of finances in marriage within that social convention.

The first thing to remember is that it is not a one-size fit all model.  There is not one clear answer on how a couple should manage finances in marriage.  Some choose to merge all of their wealth while others keep everything separate. Still, others, use a hybrid model that unifies some assets while having some things still divided.  

Here are helpful strategies that will get you started on financial marital success

1. Communication – know each other’s money language

It is important to have open discussions about money and managing funds.  You really need to know each other’s history concerning money and what foundational values were taught as children regarding these concepts.  Maybe your partner or yourself really never learned anything about managing a budget?  Maybe as a child, one parent managed all of the funds while the other played the role of a silent partner?  Perhaps one of you were raised by a single parent who independently controlled the chequebook?  These are all critical layers of history to review when starting to build a life together.

2. Money Map – navigate your financial ups and downs

It is important to be upfront right from the start.  Not only should you have an emergency fund but clear plans on how to travel through your financial future.  What sort of things are financial priorities for you as a couple? What items would you like to start saving for?  At this time, do you even have enough extra funds to save, or is this a goal for the future?

Not only should you have an emergency fund but clear plans on how to travel through your financial future

3.  Teamwork – work as a team

 Your teammate always needs to be in the know on your major plays concerning money, so be transparent.  Be honest about big spending and talk about it before you actually do it. Little everyday incidentals do not always need a conversation but be wary as they do add up too.  If you have made a misstep with money, and you did not talk about it with your partner first, fess up and explain what happened to your partner. You can certainly tackle things better as a team than alone as one in isolation.

Wrapping it up

Again, it is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules concerning managing money in marriage.  Marriage itself has gone through an evolution, so it is okay that your financial journey goes through a metamorphosis from time to time as well.  The key idea to keep in mind is that your monetary plans can transform and mature just as your relationship will.

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