Friendship Day Special: How To Make Your Spouse Your Best Friend

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How To Make Your Spouse Your Best Friend

We all are looking for good friends who can last us a lifetime and can be our partners in crime in whatever we do. Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to find them and other times the search is still on. We all need a friend we can share our deepest secrets, thoughts and desires with and who won’t judge or undermine us at all. This friend is your go-to person when times are rough or when things are really exciting or simply when you need crucial advice on a subject close to your heart.

Come to think of it, can you actually zero-in on a person who can be all of the above and the one you can trust completely. Have you ever thought that your spouse could be that special friend in your life? Your answer should be yes! And if not, let’s figure out how to make your spouse your best friend. Remember it’s a two-way street, and you really need to invest in this relationship to get desired results.

1. Spend quality time together

Go out for events or just outings like you would go with friends. Make memories, spend carefree moments regardless of anything else. Both of you should return home with a mutual feeling of contentment and oozing happiness from that time spent together.

2. Share common interests as spouses

You need to develop some interests that both of you enjoy indulging in. You may have to adjust yourself into liking such an activity but it will be totally worth the effort.

3. Be gentle and kind with each other

Conflicts will happen and should happen. Take them as an opportunity to know each other and yourself better. In all such situations and anything else just remember to be kind and gentle with each other. Always remember to reciprocate the sentiment that you would want for yourself.

4. Set rules for following some daily habits like eating or praying together

Just like meeting up friends daily and following any ritual on regular basis helps you grow close, similarly make it a point to set up a habit that both of you can follow religiously day after day, so much so that a day without this habit looks incomplete and uneventful.

5. Don’t undermine the value of open and honest communication

While it is important to draw a line and limit to most things in life, it is generally advisable to communicate freely to rule out any chances of discord or discontent. For any genuine friendship to blossom, it is important to be able talk on anything under the sun without any apprehensions. Effective communication also ensures that both of you are honest and trust each other completely.

6. Show you care and how important your spouse is to your life’s purpose

It is perhaps most important to show you care. Not always the unsaid is understood, infact, it is in best interest that you let your spouse know his/her absolute importance in your life. Many relationships fizzle out before their time just because the parties involved never realised each other’s worth. Such small gestures go a long way in forming bonds which rise above common, menial issues of life.

Best friends are rare to find but so are partners for a lifetime. If you are willing to invest time, patience, love and trust in the bond you share with your spouse, you could be lucky enough to make your spouse your best friend.

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