Get Rid of Hair In 5 Minutes Painlessly and Cheaply

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How to remove facial or body hair cheaply and for good in 10 minutes? Here are some natural home remedies and easy ways on how to remove body hair very fast and painlessly!

Thanaka powder 0:35
Hair-removal cream 2:05
Raw papaya 2:55
Recipe 1 3:38
Recipe 2 4:05
Potato 4:47
White pepper and camphor 5:30
Disadvantages of shaving 6:15
Waxing 6:54

– If your aim is hair removal, you should mix Thanaka powder with Kusuma oil. To get this oil, people press small seeds of Kusuma flower, a unique flower that blooms only at night. To prepare this hair-removal cream, you will need to mix 2 tablespoons of Thanaka powder and about 5 tablespoons of Kusuma oil.
Apply the resulting paste to the areas with unwanted hair.
Keep it on for about 2 hours (if the paste dries, put on some more oil) – then rinse it off. If you want, you can leave it overnight. Then it is better to have a warm bath in the morning.
– International Journal of Pharmaceutics has published research which proves the fact that papain can be used as a means of getting rid of hair. It weakens the hair follicles and, if you use it regularly, prevents it from re-growing.
– If your hair isn’t coarse and tough, and you would rather lighten it than remove, try potato treatment! This vegetable can boast natural bleaching qualities and mixed with lemon provides brilliant results!
– Another recipe for body hair removal includes white pepper and camphor. First of all, this mix is often used to heal burns on the skin. Another way of its application is hair removal. The good thing is that it is suitable even for sensitive skin.
– Despite the existence of these amazing recipes, women in many countries resort to several most popular ways of getting rid of hair. These methods are shaving and waxing. But are they as good as they seem to be? You might start to suffer from the ingrown hair. When a razor cuts a hair, the process also makes it change the direction of growth.

Do you know some more remedies for getting rid of unwanted body hair? Write them down in the comments!

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