Giving up on Love – Easier Said Than Done

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Giving up on Love – Easier Said Than Done

One of the most common woes of modern day and of the days far gone – love. Be it unrequited or mutual; love is one of the few feelings – if not the feeling – which ends up hurting you in the end.

We have all seen it in movies and heard about it in songs; how love is that burning desire that rips out your heart, boils the blood, and just about takes to an abyss and the world comes crashing down around us.

Where everyone around us is a little too cheery, the songs make sense again, the world is bright and colorful; where your significant other just about can predict where you are or what you want, or can read your mind about what you want them to do.

In short, everything is picture perfect; and let’s not forget the before credits slogan, ‘and they all lived happily ever after.’

Reality is too different

The problem in today’s world is that our young love birds have taken the movies and fairy tales a bit too to heart, and they believe or are waiting for that earth-shattering feeling to come to the surface.

Modern love birds think that they can somehow get to the level of comfort or intimacy like they see the lead couples in the movies perform within a short amount of time.

What they do not realize is that the love stories in the movies are designed to stay within the time limit of the given estimated time, i.e. 2 or 2 and a half hours. Therefore, modern love birds are quick to act and simultaneously giving up on love, and they do the next on-trend thing, they post heartbreaking quotes on social media and try to move on.

So, at the essence of it all, what is true love? Is it all an illusion? Can we never feel or experience true love? Is it just for the movies? Or should we stand in the line of all giving up on love and do the same? Should we say adieu and follow the ones who are all about giving up on dating and relationships?

Understanding love in reality

One thing that is noticed and is pretty commonly portrayed is the wrong concept of love.

In the movies, when a couple falls in love, they get intimate, sing songs, go on dates, get married, have slim to none fights or arguments, and then the slogan of, ‘and they lived happily ever after’ hits our screens. However, as mentioned before, a real-life relationship is far from perfect.

It takes work, kindness, patience, sacrifice, compromise, and a whole lot of balance; giving up on love is definitely not the way to go. Sometimes you have to stand the storm and be the bad guy when you did nothing wrong because what is more important; being right or being with the one who holds your heart?

Being in love is all emotional, yes, but a whole lot of practicality is involved in it as well.

You know that you have to be responsible, loyal, a good listener, good at giving pep talks.There is a lot that is required of you when you feel like you want to go ahead in a relationship.

And the true test of a relationship or being in love comes when there is a disagreement. Fights can make or break a relationship.

Trust, love, and support are the three beams that become the foundation of your entire future.

So work on your relationship and try to be someone whom your partner needs, and do not waste time on posting sappy quotes about never giving up on love on social media or bible verses about not giving up on love.

It’s never easy

It’s never easy

The work that a relationship requires does not mean that you are somehow not meant to be; it is hard or difficult, or all-consuming because it is worth it. The fights, arguments, disagreements, teach you what your partner is all about.

They teach you about their thoughts, and feelings, their desires, and heart. In short, each and every moment you spend with your significant other is teaching you something about them – they literally pour themselves out for you to see and pick up on, you should only know where to look.

A handful of tidbits that can help you to have a slightly better idea of what it is like to be in love in the real world, so you do not have to think about giving up on love a tad too soon:

  1. A successful career does not mean that you can take your significant other for granted.
  2. Whatever you do, do not assume. Life is, literally, too short for you to not take the lead and sit at home thinking what ifs.
  3. Stop doubting yourself, your significant other, and your love. You have made it this far; you will make it to the end so push all thoughts of giving up on love away.
  4. When one falls in love, they are at their most vulnerable stage. Help each other grow and understand each other’s presence and need instead of giving up on love instantly.

Don’t give up love

After all the trials and tribulations, one thing is for sure; there is no better feeling than being loved.

To be loved by someone is the most beautiful feeling in the world. You have your partner in crime, someone who will support you, look after you, be your shoulder to cry on, and whatever you need them to be. That kind of bond, though difficult to form, but is definitely worth the wait and work.

So, young love birds, do not think about giving up on finding love at the first hurdle; it is a mere pit stop.

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