Guest Blogger!! Viva La Nicky! DIY Sugar Scrub for Soft Lips!

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By Viva La Nicky


OMG! This girl!! Her blog is AhhhMAZING! I love the layout, it’s super cute, and this post she submitted to us, was beautiful! It’s a super easy DIY for a Lip Scrub that looks just as scrumptious as it does awesome!

So here it is! Make sure you guys check her out at VivaLaNicky,com

Viva La Nicky:
I know that out on the world they can sell you a million and one products that will exfoliate your lips, but trust me when I tell you that you can get good and even better results with things you have in your own home!


1 tablespoon of fine salt
1.5 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespon of vaseline (petroleum jelly)
Your favorite lip balm (not really necessary)
An empty container
Mix the olive oil, vaseline and your favorite *lip balm in a small bowl until it is a nice even creamy texture. The lip balm is not really necessary since we have the moisture from the olive oil and the vaseline but if you’re like me you like making things look pretty and nice smelling. (The lip balm I used was one of my daughter’s Lip Smacker Strawberry Lip Balms… hehe don’t tell her!)


Add the salt then the sugar. I bet you’re wondering why you add the salt, well believe it or not salt is much finer than most sugars and will give you a better exfoliation… so we add both.


Once the texture is rich and grainy you are done! Now just carefully put it in the empty container for multiple uses. You can always add more of any ingredient to make it however you prefer it!


Well that’s it, I hope this comes in handy to many of you! Let me know how it works out for you and if there are any DIY Lip Scrubs you guys make!

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