Happiness is Being Married to Your Best Friend

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  • Let’s talk about friendship

    Happiness is Being Married to Your Best Friend

    The benefits of marriage multiply when your spouse is also your best friend.

    Almost every blissful married man or a woman will tell you this – happiness is being married to your best friend. And studies confirm it. The benefits of marriage multiply when your spouse is also your best friend. So, why is it that having the best friend and your spouse all wrapped up in one person makes your life so joyful? Here are some insights.

    What people who live it say about it

    We interviewed several couples who say that they are both best friends and loving spouses, and here’s what we learned from them. As Victoria puts it: “Having the best friend in your husband is like winning a lottery – you get to spend all your time with the person you love the most in every possible way!”. People are creatures who feel the need for profound relationships. We suffer if we’re lonely. So, for those who married their best friends, it is truly like having all-in-one when it comes to their emotional needs.

    The best thing about marrying your best friend is how incredibly relaxed you get to feel with your wife. You can be yourself and never think twice about any of your flaws. You know she will never abandon you. Best friends know each other and accept every aspect of their friend, which is sometimes entirely opposite in marriages.

    Another interesting thing we heard: “It’s the fighting that is so much better when you marry your best friend – you know that you won’t fall into a mind game as it happens in relationships without friendship. What I mean is this – a friend will call you out if you overstep the line. A lover might not because they want you to like them. A friend wants you both to be true.”

    In other words, friends know how to resolve conflicts in a constructive way, and not to allow for hidden agenda to direct the course of the quarrel. In marriages, people often engage in endless fights that really revolve around concealed psychological needs. But, when friends disagree, such argument tends to be more productive and more direct. Everyone expresses their needs more frankly.

    The top advantages of marrying your best friend

    In the same conversation with happily married couples who are also best friends, we came up with a list of pros for marrying your best friend, which we will present now. The essential advantages revolve around a few main points – the feeling of being known and understood, ability to have fun together, and a profound support.

    • No matter how badly you mess up, you will be forgiven
    • There is no awkward getting to know each other
    • Nothing is embarrassing, and there’s nothing to hide
    • You already know everything about each other and you’re both fine with it

    You know how to handle a fight, and how to make it all alright for both of you

    • You have the same idea of how fun looks like, and you also share values and hopes
    • You’ve known each other’s families and friends for a long time, and you feel at home with each other
    • You feel incredibly relaxed all the time
    • You know how to handle a fight, and how to make it all alright for both of you

    These pros of marrying your best friend present a valuable insight into how such couples function on a daily basis, and why it is such a fulfilling union. The couples who are both spouses and best friends seem to share a profound, honest, and accepting relationship with each other.

    And in the era of shaky marital woes, learning about what makes a marriage strong and those in it happy is a precious knowledge for all of us.

    Some words of caution if you’re marrying your best friend

    Marrying your best friend might be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. All appear to testify about the blissfulness of such relationship. And the following words aren’t meant to put doubt in your mind, rather shed a light on some factors that you should bear in mind and find ways to prevent them from burdening your marriage.

    When you’re marrying your best friend, there are little or no new things to learn about each other. Try preventing boredom, sexually and emotionally, and avoid falling into a routine. Moreover, marrying your best friend comes with a greater risk of potentially losing both your spouse and your friend if things go wrong. Work out ways to put extra effort to make your marriage work. We’re sure you can do it – as best friends are also best partners in need!

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