How Can Yoga Benefit Your Brain?


The physical benefits of yoga are undeniable, and many people know that yoga is good for weight loss, posture, flexibility, and more. What many people don’t realize is that yoga is also good for the brain. When combined with meditation, yoga promotes relaxation among many other things, all of which are good for overworked, tired, stressed, and forgetful women in the world.

Yoga Benefit


Stress and Anxiety

Meditation, and even a number of yoga poses, has been associated with relieving stress and anxiety. Since everyone feels stress from time to time, these poses and the practice of meditation can be beneficial to everyone. No matter the source of your stress, the calming nature of these practices can decrease the feelings of stress and anxiety in the mind as well as the body. The stretching of various muscles will help relax the body and get rid of muscle tension.

An article by Harvard University states that yoga can help regulate your stress response system, which can help you combat anxiety and depression. Yoga helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which could prevent the need for blood pressure and anxiety medications.

Focus and Memory

If you find yourself struggling to focus, yoga may be able to help you with that, too! Busy women need to be able to focus on their ever-growing list of things to do, and meditation and yoga can teach you breathing techniques that will improve focus as well as memory.

Yoga Benefit

Don’t forget about all those appointments piling up on your calendar. Women Fitness stated that yoga and meditation could help you clear your mind, which leads to better memory retention. Other skills, such as verbal reasoning and cognitive function, can also be improved through yoga and meditations.


A bad mood now and then is completely normal, but does your moodiness seem to affect your life in more significant ways, yoga and meditation may be able to help. Yoga can instantly improve your mood, and it has even been claimed that yoga can prevent sadness. Meditation has even been found to be more beneficial than medications and therapy for people with depression, so it is the perfect mood booster for those times that you are in need.

How to Get Mental Benefits from Yoga and Meditation

It is best to perform yoga and meditation in the morning, to help you wake up and start off the day in a good mood. Right after you wake up is the best time to get started on your yoga routine, and even though you are tired, you will feel better once the session is over. Morning yoga can help you focus throughout the day and make you feel more relaxed.

Beginners can start with just five minutes of yoga four or five times a week to see mental health benefits. When you can, boost that to at least 10 minutes of yoga every morning. Consistency is key for good results, and your brain will love the extra care you are giving it.

Yoga Benefit

To get started, try group yoga and meditation classes. These will help you get the technique down and keep you motivated to push further and not give up. However, if you are uncomfortable in a group setting, at-home yoga is still a great way to relax and improve your mood, focus, and memory.

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