How Much Time Do Parents Spend with Their Child

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Do Parents Spend Enough Time with Their Children

My, my, have the tables turned!

Parenting has always been the toughest job out there. You are basically responsible for shaping the life and future of another human being. You are supposed to raise them and teach manners, responsibilities, empathy, sympathy, and a lot more. You are not raising one child, but your entire future and upcoming generations.

Think a million times before starting your family, raising a child is an honor. But when you take plunge in that realm, you must be prepared to answer the question – how much time do parents spend with their children?

The twenty-first century and parenting

How much time do parents spend with their children?

In the modern world where generally children have single working parents, quality time with the parent seem like a difficult feat.

Even those who are lucky to have both sets of parents, see them seldom because either both are working or because of the big responsibility.

Even if a parent is a stay-at-home mom or dad, they are responsible for a lot of things around the house which keeps them busy and away from children – grocery shopping, paying bills, shopping for children’s materials, keeping the house in order, dropping off kids to their extra-curricular activities’ classes, and so on.

In such a hectic life, you will be surprised to find out that parents are spending a significantly better amount of time with their offspring when compared to the parents of, let’s say, four or five decades ago.

That time period is worth mentioning because, during that era, one parent would always stay at home, generally, the mothers, yet the children were somehow neglected when it came to personal nurturing.

Today, even with the busy schedule and extreme competition, parents find time to love, respect, nurture, and spend quality time with their offspring – generally speaking.

This, obviously, differs from culture to culture.

Different countries, different parenting styles

Studies suggest that when compared, France was the only country out of Britain, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, and United States of America where parents do not spend much time with their children.

Who spends more time with their offspring: mothers or fathers?

Who spends more time with their offspring mothers or fathers

Many people would argue that the better question than asking how much time do parents spend with their children, would be that who spends more time: the stay-at-home parent or a working parent?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always impossible for the working parent to spend some quality time with their offspring.

Five decades ago, the stay-at-home moms were known to leave their children with the house help and spend their days in leisure or partying whereas, the modern working woman, though takes help of daycares or babysitters a bit more often, finds time to spend with her children.

Education leads to self-awareness

Decades ago, when basic education was a luxury – in several countries and cities it still is – mothers would, because of the unawareness of the importance of proper relationship and bonding with children, would not give their children the time of their day.

However, with the change of times and education, parents now know the importance of child development and care.

They are now aware that raising a child well includes the time spent with the children, and how it is a necessity rather than a luxury. This awareness has led to a responsible stance that parents take when it comes the pertinent question – how much time do parents spend with their children.

Go big or go home does not apply to parenting

Several parents do not give themselves enough credit or do not even try to spend some amount of time with their children because they think that because of the series of responsibilities, they cannot do a great deal for their children so why bother even to start?

Where they go wrong is that for a little toddler those ten minutes spent playing or having quality time is worth more than any fancy day out.

When kids grow up to be happy, healthy, and successful, and when they have their own families, it is the moments spend in the wilderness, the small happy and fun-filled family vacations that they will remember.

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