How to Be Romantic- 5 Ways to Reignite the Spark

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How to Be Romantic

After years of marriage, many people start to wonder how to be romantic again. We tend to lose the initial spark, and, regardless of how much we care for our spouses, we sometimes take the romance for granted. Especially when children come into the scene, we seem to completely forget to woo our partners. Yet, a lack of romance in marriage might eventually turn into the beginning of the end, when partners become roommates. They get accustomed to each other, but, the romantic feelings slowly disappear.

Here’s how to rekindle the romance in your marriage.

1. Make your mornings and your evenings special

Many of us spend entire days working or in the midst of different errands. This is also why most of the married people forget that every relationship takes work. They get caught up in the big plans for the future and invest their time and energy into a career or other projects. Such a hectic schedule usually leaves little room for romance, apart from mornings and evenings.

Although you might not feel like it, mornings are a precious opportunity to start your day in a loving and romantic mood.

Get up before your spouse and prepare coffee and breakfast. Make it a habit, and add a flower or an “I love you” note. Use evenings to reconnect and forget about all the daily stresses.

And pick one night in a week to make it your special date night.

2. Use each day to express your love

Romance in marriage is about not letting day-to-day life cast a shadow over your affection for each other. It’s only normal to sometimes feel too tired to even talk, let alone think of how to express your love. But, to maintain romance in marriage, you should always remember to show your feelings in various ways.

Make it a daily task to show your love for your spouse. Be it a hug, an “I love you, honey”, or some special treat such as cooking them their favorite dinner.

It’s easy to do, but also easy to disregard if you don’t pay attention. To keep the romance alive in your marriage, using each day to express your love is a must.

Use each day to express your love

3. Come bearing gifts

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your spouse to let them know how much you care for them. But, we all love presents. And, gifts are the perfect way to maintain romance in marriage. You could make yours, buy it, write it, say it. Anything that you know your spouse wants or needs.

The most important thing is not to be generic. Don’t always give gifts at anniversaries and birthdays. And don’t make it some impersonal present. The most important thing is to take time to learn what your spouse desires and make sure you provide it for them. This is how you romanticize your partner.

4. Celebrate all anniversaries

For most married couples, wedding anniversary still remains the cherished day in which romance of their wedding day is re-lived. They remember how much they cared for each other and how eager they were to start their new life together. However, there is more to anniversaries than just the big one.

To rekindle the romance, try and remember when you first met, when you first kissed, and so on.

Write down all those dates on a calendar and start planning for mini-celebrations of each of those special days. You can make thematic celebrations, or simply make it a peaceful evening for just the two of you.

By remembering more than just your wedding day, you increase the chances of also recalling how in love you once were. And this will definitely make you both get into the romantic mood.

5. Remember the enchantment you’ve felt for your spouse

As a natural continuation of the previous advice is this one – don’t ever forget, or, if you already did, then remember how mesmerized you once were with your then new partner. You were smitten off your feet with their intelligence, beauty, character. You were enthralled so much that you wanted to spend your entire lives together.

To keep the romance alive, you need to do a private reminiscence of these times from time to time.

Do it for yourself, at a private time. By remembering how mad you were about your spouse, you will instantly feel the need to bring that romantic mood back into your daily lives. And this is worth more than most other manifestations of love and will take your marriage to a new level.  

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