How to Create Romance in Your Marriage

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Create Romance in Your Marriage

What girl hasn’t dreamed of coming into her apartment to find rose petals strewn down the hallway leading to the bedroom? Or what guy hasn’t imagined his girl surprising him with his favorite drink after a long day?

Romance in relationships is what draws to people together. It makes them feel loved, adored and special to their partner. What qualifies as romantic is different for everybody, but there’s no denying that when it comes to amorous affections – we want more! More surprises, more flirting, more love.

As much as we may wish otherwise, modern relationships just aren’t like romance novels. But that doesn’t mean your relationship should be romance-free!

That’s why we’re looking at 13 ways you can create romance in your marriage.

1. Play footsie

Studies show that physical affection, such as holding hands or playing footsie, is strongly related to relationship happiness. So the next time you’re snuggling in bed or laying on the couch together, why not play a sweet and fun game of footsie together?

2. Recreate your first date

One of the best ways to create romance in your marriage is by recreating your first date.

Start by booking a table at the same restaurant you went to when you first went out.

From there, you can add as many cute details as you like.

For example, pick your wife up at the front door (even though you already live together!) or you can even pretend like it is your first date and ask each other adorable get-to-know-you questions throughout the evening. This is a fun and romantic way to reminisce and build up your emotional connection.

3. Remember the little things

One super simple way you can create romance in your marriage is by keeping special dates in mind. Your wedding anniversary is obviously the big one, but what about other milestones like your first date, the first time you kissed, or any other “firsts” you’d like to celebrate? Bringing these up to your spouse shows them that you care.

4. Kiss like you mean It

One of the most romantic things you can ever do is kiss your partner. Research reveals that not only does this boost dopamine by activating the brain’s reward system, but women are more likely to be sexually attracted to a man if he’s a good kisser.

5. Light some candles

Sometimes all it takes to create romance in a relationship is a little ambiance. The next time you’re feeling romantic, why not fill your bedroom with pillar candles or light a candle and put it on the table during dinner? This simple touch creates a great atmosphere for romance.

6. Give thoughtful gifts

Being romantic shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. There is no reason why you should be bringing home elaborate gifts every day. After all, that just wouldn’t be sustainable for a long-term relationship. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t small and thoughtful ways to show your spouse you were thinking about them.

Buy them their favorite chocolate bar or something small and sweet like a bottle of bubble bath or cook them their favorite meal.

7. Share a secret

Inside jokes are a type of secret that makes your partner feel special. Studies show that positive memories, such as those associated with private jokes, evoke pleasant feelings that boost your mood.

These secrets are innately romantic because they are something you share solely with your spouse, so the next time you are feeling romantic, reminisce with your partner about a favorite joke or memory.

Share a secret

8. Flirt

When was the last time you flirted with your spouse? Flirting is a great way to boost romance. Not only does it make your partner feel flattered and desired, but it does wonders for boosting sexual chemistry.

9. Write a sweet letter

Nothing is more romantic than a love letter. The next time you want to do something sweet for your spouse, get out a paper and pen and let your feelings out.

Talk about your favorite memories together, how they may you feel, or the reasons why you’re so in love with them. Your spouse will cherish the letter for years to come.

10. Cute tags

Don’t have much time to create romance in your marriage? Try tagging your partner in a photo. The next time you cross a photo of two kitties snuggling up on Instagram (Fear not: there are always cute cat photos on Instagram) tag your spouse in it with the caption “Me and you. Meow ;)”

This simple and sweet flirtation will have them smiling for the rest of the day.

11. Romance at mealtimes

Who says meals always have to be eaten in front of the television? Plan a romantic dinner for two and eat at the table together. This is a great way to boost marital communication and to deepen your bond.

Increase romance further by slipping a flower into a vase and setting it on the table, putting on some soft jazz, and lighting candles in the dining room.

12. Give your undivided attention

A survey done by Baylor University found that nearly 50% of couples felt like they were being ignored by their cell-phone addicted partner. In the days of cell-phone addiction and instant gratification online, there is nothing quite as romantic as giving your partner your undivided attention for the evening.

13. Have a regular date night

What’s more romantic than a date? Research shows that couples who have a regular date night improve their intimate connection, boost communication and sexual chemistry, and are less likely to get divorced than other couples.

Learning how to create romance shouldn’t be hard – it should be fun! There are plenty of easy, free ways to express your affections for your spouse that will make them feel loved and special. Follow any one of our 20 romance in relationships tips and you’ll be on your way to a happy, healthy marriage.

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